how to create your own personal brand and get into that dream job

Can you imagine Apple without Steve Jobs? Or Microsoft without Bill Gates? What’s about them that resonates with the brands they created?The answer is simple: these great men are brands in their own right –legends who are known more for their amazing work in their respective fields;an individuality that eventually trickles down to the identity of the companies they formed. Branding is no longer restricted to products and organizations; a new wave of ‘personal branding’ is taking the corporate world by storm. Personal branding is all about creating strong perceptions about yourself and positively influencing how others think of you – both personally and professionally. 

Personal branding is much more than image management and self-promotion. It encompasses a whole gamut of strategies that you can adopt to carve a niche for yourself in your professional sphere. So how can you build that perfect brand for yourself to get into that almost perfect job in a dog-eat-dog world? We recommend the following strategies:

identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)

When you embark on a personal branding drive, it is important to first identify what differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. This is your USP and the fulcrum of all your branding initiatives. Once you know what you are good at (and what you are not), it becomes fairly easy to market your strengths and work on your weaknesses. 

give attention to every small detail

Whatever you do – whether personally or professionally – will have an impact on your personal brand. Once you establish your identity, it is important to protect that identity. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, use the right body language, exhibit behavioral consistency with co-workers and associates, and be impeccable in all your formal communication. 

create a strong recall value in the minds of people who matter

Whether you are seeking a great career or want to project yourself as a thought leader in your space, you need to create a strong recall value for your brand in the minds of your intended audience. If you are not passionate about yourself and your work, you cannot expect to garner a good recall value with the people who matter to you professionally. Once you’ve established your own personal brand, make sure you reach out to your associates, employers, and peers so they can identify you by your personal stance and professional achievements. 

market yourself aggressively 

As with companies and products, your personal brand will have no value unless it is marketed properly. Word of mouth is a conventional but sure shot marketing technique for gaining visibility for your personal brand. Today, thanks to digital channels and social media, wider avenues are available to market and grow your personal brand. Build healthy conversations with colleagues, ex-workers, and industry peers on online as well as offline channels. Networking is a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage and market your personal brand aggressively.

reinvent your brand continuously

It is not enough to merely create your personal brand; you need to constantly monitor it to study the reactions of your intended audience. You may be an expert in your field, but simply harping on this fact multiple times will not get you anywhere. You need to innovate and reinvent yourself at every step, if you want to get noticed by potential employers. Take up a new learning in your domain; accept newer workplace challenges; and continue to enhance your brand value with fresh dimensions of yourself. 

Creating and maintaining a personal brand has become more of a corporate necessity today. Whether you are aspiring to move up the corporate ladder or seeking fresh avenues to give your career a significant boost, branding will give you the necessary market visibility and credibility. Online profile verification has become a part of HR recruitment policy nowadays owing to the increasing visibility offered by new age media. Use this to your advantage and create a compelling brand for yourself – one that will help showcase your capabilities and professional attributes.