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Employees are drawn to great work cultures, not companies. Employee perception of an organization’s culture determines its reputation in the talent market. Find out how a strong employer brand impacts your ability to hire a great workforce in the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2021.


randstad employer brand research (REBR)

the most comprehensive, independent and in-depth employer brand research in the world. The annual employer brand research, covering 75% of the global economy with 33 participating countries and more than 1,85,000 respondents worldwide is based on perceptions of the general audience (students, employed and unemployed workforce) aged between 18-64. REBR has been providing valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand for over 20 successful years globally and it is the 10th edition in India this year. 
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why employer branding?

Offering an outstanding package is not enough to attract good talent. The unique value proposition of a company, work culture, development opportunities, job description and strong management all stack up to build your brand. Learn how a consistent employer brand can help you attract the best in a fiercely competitive talent market.


to understand the shifting values and expectations of the millennial workforce, download the India Country Report 2020.
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