be a talent magnet, build a standout brand

Employees are drawn to great work cultures, not companies. Employee perception of an organization’s culture determines its reputation in the talent market. Find out how a strong employer brand impacts your ability to hire a great workforce in the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2019.


randstad employer brand research (REBR)

REBR is the most comprehensive employer branding research with over 200,000 respondents across 32 countries, that provides insights on aligning your organization’s culture with employee focused workplace initiatives.


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why employer branding?

Offering an outstanding package is not enough to attract good talent. The unique value proposition of a company, work culture, development opportunities, job description and strong management all stack up to build your brand. Learn how a consistent employer brand can help you attract the best in a fiercely competitive talent market.


recognizing the best of the best

Each year, Randstad recognizes leading brands, that stay ahead of the curve, with the Randstad Award. To become a promising brand that is equipped to meet changing employee expectations, learn from the winners for 2019.



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to understand the shifting values and expectations of the millennial workforce, download the India Country Report 2019.
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