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A strong team builds your organization and leads it to success. A skilled, street-smart CMO is important to do so. Randstad connects you with skilled candidates possessing the right skill-set, helping you make the right hiring decision. Partner with Randstad and start your CMO search on a powerful note.

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CMO Recruitment is not easy. The idea is to find a CMO who can lead the team from the front. We, at Randstad, have been in the CMO recruitment business for 25 years in India and are one of the leading CMO search firms in the world. Looking for a passionate marketer? Choose Randstad today.

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The office of the CMO is the key to success for a business. An efficient CMO steers the ship of the business to unparalleled success. With a keen insight into the operations of modern businesses, Randstad offers smart CMO hiring solutions that help your organization filter the best candidates from a wide talent pool.

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As an experienced CMO search firm with a pool of highly qualified professionals, we know the value of an efficient team. To make the most of your business, you need a CMO who understands your organization and responds to its needs. With its database of over thousands of candidates, Randstad helps you in establishing your circle of knowledgeable and trained individuals.

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Every business has its unique marketing goals. A company that connects with the right CMO candidates is bound to succeed. With Randstad, you get the opportunity of leveraging its highly efficient CMO recruitment and technological hiring solutions that help you find your ideal match. Partner with us today for a successful CMO search.

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What Randstad did was to establish a regular hiring process, support us with our applicant tracking system and improve the quality of our hires.

Rahul Maitra - Head HR, Merck Group

I am proud to be associated with Randstad and it has always surprised us by exceeding our expectations.

Alok Sheopurkar - EVP & Head HR - HDFC Asset Management

Randstad understands our requirements. They know the brand and know that we want.

Praveen Rawal - Country Manager - India, Steelcase Asia Pacific
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