case study: leveraging unique sourcing capabilities to fulfill critical hiring needs.

about the client.

The client is an established global leader in telecom site management software, with presence across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

the challenge.

The client needed to hire for critical senior positions, which were left open for a long time due to internal bandwidth and recruitment support constraints. They were looking to partner with a recruitment vendor with a strong national presence.  

randstad solution.

The Randstad team leveraged our Pan-India network and deep domain expertise to rapidly identify suitable candidates. Combined with a strong understanding of the client’s KPIs, we successfully closed hiring for all critical positions in a short span of time.

  • used different sourcing channels including social media, market mapping and job boards for effective candidate outreach for the positions of COO, senior delivery manager and business analyst
  • conducted an initial personalized screening process of all shortlisted candidates to cross-validate them against the client’s KPIs and requirements
  • the double validation process helped ensure only suitable profiles were passed onto the client
  • successfully closed the COO position within a very short span of time, ensuring client satisfaction

the impact.

  1. enabled high performance and improved compliance at 90+ % by implementing standardized HR practices across the country
  2. greater control over the sales process through seamless management of sales force
  3. improved employee engagement and increased productivity aided by on-the-job coaching
  4. met 100% hiring goals within stipulated timelines
  5. 80% conversion rate from submissions to interview
  6. 50% conversion rate interview to offer
  7. 20% attrition rate to date