Industry 4.0 is overturning how industries design, manufacture, improve and deliver their products. Including process & product design, Embeded Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into their production lines drastically enhances business’s operational efficiency and spurs revenue growth. 

One of the biggest problems industries face today is not tech adoption but utilization. Many organizations cannot maximize the `benefits from their technology investments because they lack the workforce with the required skill set to leverage technology to serve the organization’s requirements best. Whether it is curating the results of the big data analytics performed by sensors, interpreting the results of AI-powered visual insights, or live-monitoring of a manufacturing process remotely through a cloud-connected software- every facility accorded by technology demands a talented workforce to reap its benefits. 

Consider this example - the U.S. bureau of labor statistics predicts that the employment of industrial engineers will grow by 10% between 2021 and 2031- which is twice the average growth estimation for other occupations.

However, the question is: Are industries equipped to carry out qualified & experienced engineering candidate  recruitment efficiently? 

Why is it difficult to recruit the right engineering talents?

Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain good talent. The problem is industry-agnostic, and there is a huge demand-supply gap, irrespective of the domain considered. 

For example, The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) announced in May that there was a demand for about 150,000 telecom sector positions with skillsets like cloud computing, AI, ML, 5G, big data analytics, robotic process automation, and IoT. The demand-supply gap in the industry stands at 28%. 

Specifically, when it comes to engineers, employers spend an exhaustive amount of time and effort screening suitable candidates, conducting interviews, and analyzing and choosing the best minds. Despite these effort-intensive processes, many engineers quit the organization within a year, forcing the employer to repeat the cycle, resulting in losses in terms of time, money, and resources. 

Some of the factors that make engineering recruitment a difficult and troublesome task for employers are:

  • Lack of a well-structured, role-specific hiring plan that reflects granular recruitment specs to hire engineers. Some examples include: Defining the expectations from prospective employees, their contribution to the short-term and long-term business plan, budget allocation, and unique capabilities required for that particular position.
  • Non-availability of time to carry out in-depth research on the profiles of the long list of applicants. 
  • Inadequate experience in creating engaging and appealing job ads that attract the best-suited candidates.
  • Hiring technical recruitment agencies that possess no prior expertise in structuring tailor-made interview processes that identify on-demand qualities while recruiting the most suited engineering talents.  

How to bridge the engineering-talent gap? 

According to McKinsey, there is an exponential growth in demand for skilled employees in domains like software engineering, analytics-based automation, data management, and cyber security. But, in its survey of global senior executives, 87% of them responded that they are unprepared to address the digital skill gap. These are IT Skills we need data on Engineering Skills Like Design, Embeded, Aerospace specialized, Process Design.

The best way to close the talent gap is to make conscious efforts to upskill and reskill the existing workforce and recruit new professionals. Such measures will help improve many dimensions of the organization’s operations, including production, maintenance, and customer service, within a short period.

To achieve that and to avoid missing out on hiring the best engineers, one smart choice would be to outsource the engineering recruitment process to an intelligent engineer-specific workforce solutions provider. 

Why Randstad Engineering?

At Randstad, we are pioneers in providing engineering workforce solutions. We are powered by a specialized team, including engineers, to handle the engineering workforce mandates of all core sectors, including but not limited to aerospace, automobile, electrical, electronics, manufacturing, telecom, oil & gas, mining, and heavy engineering.  The solutions include Contract To Hire (CTH), Project Hiring, EPC /Site Hiring, Expat Management.

Some of our distinct capabilities that position us ahead of other engineering job consultancies are:

  • Three decades of workforce provider expertise, making us an engineering solutions leader
  • Actively recruiting in 38 markets around the globe, holding one of the top three positions in almost half of them
  • 5:1 CV to selection ratio exclusively in the engineering domain
  • An agile and focused team of engineering recruiters  Specialist teams for Energy, EPC & Manufacturing Another for Automotive, Defence & Aerospace
  • Engineering sector-specific recruitment teams having domain knowledge & expertise deployed all over India
  • Flexible to suit contractual or client payroll engineering mandates
  • Customizable recruitment systems to accommodate business-induced niche engineering requirements
  • Comprehensive recruitment solutions from creating job descriptions to deploying on-job engineers. 

Boost your business with an adept engineering workforce solutions partner

Investing in the appropriate technologies, tools and solutions to leverage your workforce’s talent is crucial to your business growth. Deploy our engineering job consultancy services to avail the best staffing choices. Our skilled recruiters speak the technical lingo and prioritize a positive recruitment experience for candidates throughout the recruitment process. They help identify the most suitable candidates who can partner with your organization on your journey to growth.

Leverage our human forward approach to fuel your engineering hiring mandates!

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