Competitive salary and employee benefits continue to be the top priority among the Indian workforce followed by long-term job security while choosing an employer

Employer branding is where human resources, marketing, and talent management intersect to help attract the best talent. Companies must leverage their employer brand given the aggressive job landscape. In a market with fierce competition, companies that wish to be different and prominent must offer candidates compelling reasons to join their company. The ones who pay attention to their employer branding initiatives will be able to benefit from improved application rates and will have a wide talent pool to choose from.

The Randstad Award survey is the world’s largest independent employer branding survey that gives unique insights and the 5th year of this research in India captured the views of more than 8500 respondents, who chose the nation’s most attractive employer brand for 2015. Globally, this research covered 23 countries, capturing the views of over 225,000 respondents. The Award is hosted each year to encourage best practices for talent attraction and to identify the best ‘Employer Brand’ in the country based on perceived attractiveness of a company.

Key findings on the choice of employer

This year’s research clearly shows that salary and employee benefits continue to be the top priority among the Indian workforce while choosing an employer. The importance of salary has increased even further since last year (7% increase from 2014) followed by long-term job security. The top 5 influencing factors are Salary & employee benefits (54%), long-term job security (49%), work-life balance (39%), pleasant working atmosphere (39%), and financial health of the company (38%) are the top five preferred criteria while choosing an employer.

Good work-life balance is emerging as one of the most important factors for an employee to stay with the current employer (42%). Promoting work-life balance could be a great asset also to attract at least 23%, the proportion of the workforce that left their employers for this reason.

Social media platforms are the most popular channels for job seekers there has been a major shift observed in how people go ahead with their job search. The survey reveals that 66% of the job seekers in India use social networking sites to look for jobs.

The top 3 most attractive sectors preferred by the Indian workforce to work or move are IT and Communication (72%) followed by FMCG and retail (68%) and Automobiles (67%).

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

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