When talking about making the recruiting process fruitful, ‘quality of hire’ is the foremost aspect that comes to mind. This refers to the value a new recruit offers to the company in terms of efficiency, skills, contributions, and work output. However, measuring the quality of hire can be a long-drawn process as the ‘value’ added by any employee to an organization is measured over time. Moreover, measuring quality can indeed be a qualitative and subjective process. If your company is ready to hire after the economic slowdown, here are some tips to ensure that you hire faster and smarter.

Measure your Quality of Hire

The coronavirus pandemic caused a great disruption to economic activities, but it also provided a crucial period of self-reflexivity to organizations. This has, for many organizations, resulted in improved processes. But simply being ready to hire does not bring in good quality recruits. Companies need to adopt nuanced strategies to ensure that their quality of hire does not suffer.

Some of the most crucial variables to measure the quality of hire include employee retention, time taken to fill a job vacancy, and hiring satisfaction. Having an accurate measuring strategy can significantly streamline your recruiting process and allow you to hire smarter and faster.

Streamline Hiring Efforts

Over the recent years, the hiring process has evolved greatly to favor the employers. There are multiple rounds of interviews and assessments, and even after extending a job offer, companies test the skills of their new hires in a buffer period. But how can your company hire faster and smarter?

One way to get guaranteed results out of your recruitment drive is to streamline the strategies of hiring managers. Whether it includes staying in touch or coming up with a plan of action, having synergy in your hiring process will ensure that you are only recruiting individuals that are a good fit for the work and organizational culture. Moreover, this can help companies maintain the quality of hire as the collaboration between hiring managers would result in an improved hiring process.

Evolve With the Times

Even though the country-wide lockdowns are easing up, calling prospective employees to your doorstep for an interview would be a bad practice. In fact, it may even deter good talent. Therefore, using digital recruitment and onboarding processes has become the preferred mode of conducting interviews. The usage of video conferencing technology has proliferated even more in the recent times, and this can be used to your advantage. It also saves time and cost.

Digital hiring is a practice that is here to stay, and can have immense benefits to business continuity in the long run. Conducting remote interviews, sharing learning and development tools online and using automation practices in hiring are some of the practices that can help you adapt, without compromising on the quality of hire.

Most importantly, invest in your employer brand to communicate your company’s work culture and environment to top talent. With a strong employer brand, organizations can always maintain the quality of hire.

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

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