If there is one thing recruiters and candidates have consensus on, it is that recruitment cycles are often slow and tedious. It isn’t uncommon for talent acquisition professionals to spend up to months on a single vacancy. The more senior the hire, the longer the cycle of identifying, contacting, and onboarding candidates.

For a growing business, it is especially essential to hire faster and smarter to meet existing customer demand. Not only does it become important to hire the right people, but they must also be hired quickly and at the right time.  

If your organization is struggling with long-drawn-out recruitment cycles, here are some handy tips for expediting hiring while recruiting quality talent.

Assess Candidates in Groups

Each time an organization announces a vacancy, it attracts applicants in hundreds. The bigger the brand, the more traction it generates amongst job seekers. Here is an effective tip that will help you get ready to hire quickly from a large pool of applicants – assess candidates in batches. Conducting activities like group discussions can help recruiters evaluate candidates based on their leadership, teamwork, and communications skills, amongst others. This can expedite the recruitment process by eliminating a big chunk of unfit applicants in one go.

Set Up an Interview Panel 

Well, it is no secret that two brains are better than one. Setting up a panel with company representatives will help you to hire faster and smarter. Curate a panel that understands the vision of the company and know just what to look for in applicants. This process will also allow the candidate to get familiar with the nature of the work and the organization’s culture. 

Leverage New Age Technology 

As you get ready to hire employees at scale and speed, know that doing so successfully is almost impossible without technology. Leverage automation systems and software to shortlist applicant resumes based on specific requirements. In fact, there are highly sophisticated software in the market that allow recruiters to customize preferences, communicate with candidates, and shortlist at scale. Additionally, organizations are now increasingly using video conferencing for interviews. This saves time for both parties during the hiring process, and is an especially useful way of recruiting in a post-pandemic world. 

Associate with Recruitment Agencies 

Successful organizations routinely engage recruitment agencies to hire faster and smarter. Placement agencies such as Randstad India offload much of the recruitment burden by providing organizations with pre-validated candidates across industries. Utilizing the services of a recruitment agency will ramp-up your hiring efforts and do away with inefficiencies and delays in the process. 

Randstad India is a leading placement agency helping organizations hire faster and smarter for decades. We draw upon our years of industry experience and a vast pool of top talent to save organizations hiring time and resources. Get in touch with us for top-drawer recruitment solutions, crafted just for your organization. 

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

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