As critical as talent acquisition has become today, it has also grown more complex. The expertise, the strategies, technology and tools that it needs to identify and capture the best talent have dramatically altered. The need for dedicated talent acquisition support could not be more vital.

It is in this slot that the right RPO partnership fits in. It can contribute immensely to business growth initiatives by not only elevating efficiencies of talent acquisition, but by enabling the HR function align holistically to the organisation’s growth strategy.

A data-driven approach to recruitment efficiency

Choosing a RPO partner goes beyond the realm of transferring the ownership of the recruitment responsibility. The right RPO partner deploys the best tools and technologies for a data-driven approach to address the company’s business requirements. They leverage analytics to accurately define the required core skills and attributes. They parse information to obtain deep insights of the talent landscape - including talent communities, demographics and compensation standards. They move out of the trap of seeking non-existent talent in the wrong talent pools and with unrealistic job descriptions.

The right RPO partner architects talent acquisition strategy and programmes to map the organisation’s talent competency profiling to its business objectives. Big data and predictive analytics accurately interpret industry and market intelligence, chart accurate workforce demand planning for better business decisions, and execute focused candidate campaigns.

This creates true recruitment efficiencies that transform top hires to fully engaged top performers.

A proactive and dedicated approach to talent sourcing

RPO brings a totally dedicated strategy to the sourcing of both active and passive candidates. Sourcing is not just about stockpiling a database, it calls for a dedicated series of initiatives and actions that builds an efficient network through effective employer branding, communication and candidate engagement.

The right RPO partner keeps the pipeline of talent alive, and continuously engages with them so that the company can depend on a relevant and ready talent repository for current and future needs.

To maintain this dependable candidate pool requires significant candidate engagement capabilities in the RPO partner. Their networking and engagement activities encompass the social media, e-mail, telephone and one-to-one meetings. They adopt the right channels and frequency of contact to make the prospective talent feel valued without invading their space and comfort.

The right RPO partner understands how to build and communicate the employer brand so that it positively resonates with candidates. This calls for the ability to focus the brand message towards the candidates. They authentically position the messages of the organisation and its opportunities so that it speaks to the ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ expectation of candidates.

Skills assessments to drive value

A true and strategic talent and RPO partner provides dedicated skills assessment expertise (technical, functional and behaviours) that directly addresses the company’s business goals. Through deep expertise, a strategic process-driven approach and a strong network of assessment providers, the RPO partner provides true business and talent advantage.

A centre of excellence (CoE) model ensures that assessment capabilities are preconfigured with the RPO solution as a best practice. Continuous review and improvement frameworks enhance this strategy to deliver quality talent even against dynamic business and market needs.

A streamlined flow of best practices

The right RPO partnership weaves a string of best practices across the employee lifecycle with deep consultative and operational expertise. These include:

  • Extensive research with cutting edge strategies, tools and analytics techniques that leverage the company’s internal data to analyse workforce needs against the market landscape. This enables organisations to build compelling competency profiles and job descriptions, have better competitive intelligence and build niche talent communities.
  • Imparting consultation expertise to the organisation’s HR leadership and hiring managers to plan strategically, execute efficiently and report with accuracy. Simultaneously, it delivers an exceptional candidate experience to enhance the employer brand.
  • Coaching capabilities to enhance talent management initiatives and activities in the areas of competency profiling and mapping, interviewing for skills and behaviours, workforce demand planning and forecasting, etc.
  • Powerful employment branding through strong and innovative recruitment value propositions that map the organisation’s culture with the candidates’ aspirations.

A strong RPO partnership brings in the right talent by understanding business priorities, and designing a robust hiring strategy and practice. They are true talent partners who dig deeper into goals, identify winning strengths, eliminate weaknesses, leverage technology and analytics, and ultimately elevate their customers’ brand images.

about the author
yashab giri new
yashab giri new

yeshab giri

chief commercial officer - staffing & RT professionals

yeshab is responsible for leading the development and expansion of randstad India’s value added staffing services which currently encompass field force, engineering and technology roles.