what is a head of marketing?

When a company grows and has a team to drive expansion and increase revenue, a head of marketing can become the driving force to increase the return on investment (ROI). As the head of marketing, you keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure the company performs optimally. You also maintain cohesiveness in marketing teams. Marketing and communication teams have multiple moving parts, especially for a large brand. For instance, your marketing team may comprise content writers, social media experts and marketing executives. As the head of marketing, you bring the groups together and help them drive revenue and improve the growth of the business.

As the head of marketing, you are fast-acting, flexible in high-pressure situations, and can monitor all marketing activities to keep everything running smoothly. For instance, you drive content writers toward benchmarks and social media experts towards revenue goals by ensuring their output is purpose-driven.

While the head of marketing is a senior role in a company, some organisations have a chief marketing officer above the head of marketing. However, in most companies, the head of marketing reports directly to the senior management. They also translate the business strategy formulated by the business executives into achievable marketing goals.

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average salary of head of marketing

According to Payscale, the average salary of the head of marketing is ₹2,699,844 per year. With minimal experience, you start with a salary of ₹714,000 annually. With over ten years of experience and top-level qualifications, you earn up to ₹6 million yearly.

As the head of marketing, your salary depends on your experience and expertise. When you have over ten years of experience, you are competent in most areas of the role. The value you bring to your employer determines your earning potential. Working for a large company also boosts your earnings significantly since the organisation can afford to pay higher salaries compared to small start-ups. Besides, in large companies, you are in charge of big marketing departments and have complex responsibilities.

Woman sitting at a table in an office looking at a file.
Woman sitting at a table in an office looking at a file.

types of heads of marketing

Some of the types of head of marketing roles include:

  • regional head of marketing: when you work for a multinational company with various marketing teams in diverse regions, you can work as the regional head of marketing. Your job is to ensure the region achieves its goals and adheres to the organisational strategies provided by the executives. You also develop KPIs to measure the performance of the marketing strategies before reviewing the best plans for building revenue.
  • international head of marketing: as the head of marketing for an international group, you collaborate with various marketing teams and leaders to consolidate the organisation's marketing efforts. Your job is to ensure marketing teams in various regions resonate with the audience and have marketing campaigns aligned with the customers' needs.

working as a head of marketing

Working as a head of marketing is an exciting career since you direct teams. You also collaborate with various marketing or communication heads and team members. Let's explore the specific roles, work environment and job outlooks for the head of marketing.


education and skills

To become the head of marketing, you should complete the 10+2 examination from any stream, but candidates from accounting, communications, marketing and finance are preferred. Take the entrance examinations for bachelor courses like the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) or the National Test for Programs After Twelfth (NPAT). The popular marketing courses that put you on the right path include a bachelor of arts, bachelor of mass communication or BBA in digital marketing.

You also require post-bachelor qualifications to land a role as head of marketing. Select any course in management, like an MBA or master of mass communication. It is also important to gain the relevant work experience required in the role.

head of marketing skills and competencies

Some of the skills that a head of marketing needs include:

  • communication: as the head of marketing, you make multiple presentations to the board and the executive teams. Hence, you need strong communication skills to engage with various stakeholders professionally and translate the company's goals to the marketing team.
  • problem-solving skills: as the head of marketing, you encounter multiple challenges and problems that require strategic problem-solving skills. For instance, the company may face a decline in sales or limited growth, and you devise strategies to solve the issues in the business.
  • teamwork: collaborating with others helps you excel in your role. Interpersonal skills and teamwork help you listen to people's ideas and relate well with others.
  • analytical skills: you rely on statistics and KPIs to measure performance. You need analytical skills to ensure your strategy and decisions are data-driven.

FAQs about working as a head of marketing

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of the head of marketing.

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