what is a sales director?

As a sales director, you're a motivator and planner. Employers hire you to manage salespeople across multiple teams to follow effective strategies. Additionally, you work with marketing divisions to create campaigns that increase the organisation's revenue and client base. As you are at a director level of senior management, you have complete control of the sales portion of a company's budget.

Sales directors are critical in every sector of industry that produces materials for public consumption. This includes business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C). You work with your leaders to promote the company's strengths through comprehensive plans.

As a sales director, you coordinate with other executive-level leaders. This is done to verify that all teams are on the same page regarding boosting sales. For instance, you meet with the marketing director to ensure the strategies align with sales teams.

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average salary of a sales director

As a sales director, you are a high-level management employee responsible for directing sales teams for an entire region or division. According to Payscale, you take home an average salary of ₹2,588,219 per year. Early in your career, you have minimal experience and expertise and will likely take home ₹365,000 annually. You'll earn a higher salary when you have over five years of experience. Experienced sales directors take home over ₹6 million per year.

how can you increase your salary as a sales director?

Your earnings as a sales director depend on various factors. To boost your earnings, gain advanced degrees and industry certifications. Improving your qualifications increases your income potential and prepares you for promotions. Building your skills and experience in leadership roles also boosts your earnings.

Consider a career move to a new company that can pay more for your skills. If you are working for a medium-sized company, consider taking up a role in a larger company. Big organisations may have regional or international sales director positions with higher pay.

Woman sitting on a window sill having a chat with two colleagues.
Woman sitting on a window sill having a chat with two colleagues.

types of sales directors

There are several types of sales director positions specified to different organisational units. Some of the types of sales director roles include:

  • regional sales director: organisations that sell products or services nationwide usually require regional sales directors. Your job is to supervise sales operations in your region. You assign duties to sales managers and help them find new markets for the company’s products.
  • product-line sales director: if your company sells various products, you may be assigned one product line. You guide the promotional activities and ensure the products meet the customers' needs. You supervise field sales representatives and find ways to increase sales.

working as a sales director

Your job is to ensure the sales department increases sales and revenue. You develop strategic plans and motivate salespeople to generate more clients for the business. Look at some of the sales directors' work activities and career progressions.


education and skills

You attain the position of sales director due to substantial work experience and promotions offered within the company. Becoming a sales director in India starts with a bachelor's degree in marketing, economics and business administration. To join the bachelor’s degree programs, complete the entrance examinations like SET or DUET. Some universities do not conduct entrance examinations and provide admissions based on a 10+2 pass mark (usually an aggregate of 50%). When you complete undergraduate qualifications, get a master's in business administration or commerce.

Aside from gaining experience in sales fields, gain relevant certifications. For instance, you can become a Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) or Certified Sales Executive.

sales director skills and competencies

To be a successful sales director for any organisation, you require a strong set of skills and competencies, such as:

  • critical and logical thinking: critical and logical thinking concepts allow you to comprehend complex customer service or sales growth issues. With these skills, you take a large task and break it down into achievable goals. Critical and logical thinking also offers opportunities to discover new ways to create successful and profitable sales campaigns.
  • communication: you regularly connect with your sales managers and their subordinates. Therefore, the ability to communicate at all levels is crucial. Strong written and verbal skills help you convey positive messages and encouragement that diffuse potential friction. Furthermore, the clear distribution of instructions moves projects forward with minimal confusion.
  • motivation: there's a mental component to your role as a sales director. You need the power of motivation to rally managers and employees to move past bursting points into new sales and client acceptance levels. As a result, relationships are solidified and revenue increases.
  • leadership: as a sales director, leadership skills are paramount, not only to handle your managers and complete projects. Leadership is also required to organise information from several different locations.

FAQs about working as a sales director

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a sales director.

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