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Patna has grown slowly and steadily to become a major attraction for job seekers and investors. Patna is a major agricultural hub with its most active exports being grain, sugarcane, sesame, and rice. It is an expanding centre of trade and an important business centre of Eastern India. With the growing importance of the service sector and the Green Revolution businesses, the economy of Patna has seen a major rise. In 2009, the World Bank declared Patna to be the second best city in India for ease of starting a business. The GDP growth rate of Patna, as of 2015, is 7.29 per cent. As a result, jobs in Patna are the best choice for a steady career growth. 

The capital of Bihar, Patna hosts over 2 million people with a per capita GDP of US$ 1581 (as of 2015) and GDP growth rate of 7.29%.  Patna is also the 21st fastest growing city in the world and 5th fastest growing city in India according to a study, expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.72%. An important business centre of eastern India, the city is also a major agricultural and trade hub. Since 2005, Patna’s economy has seen sustained growth, spurred by growth in several industries such as FMCG, service, and green revolution businesses. This means that the city has a solid recruitment scenario with several jobs in Patna on offer.

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Salary trends in the country point to a flourishing job market with attractive employment opportunities. In 2016-17, the average CTC offered in the country was INR 13.23 lac per annum. At the junior level (across industries), the average CTC was INR 5.22 lac per annum, at the mid-level – INR 9.94 lac per annum and INR 25.94 lac per annum at the senior level. 

Patna is a growing city and there are plenty of opportunities and vacancies in Patna waiting for skilled candidates. If you are looking for jobs in Patna which are most suited to your interests and qualifications, let Randstad help you with thousands of vacancies in Patna. We are armed with over 25 years of experience and will help you find jobs in Patna best suited to your needs, profile, and experience. Choose Randstad for a superior job search experience that ends in success and takes your career to new heights. Visit us to start browsing through vacancies in Patna today!

The 21st fastest growing city in the world and the fifth fastest growing city in India, Patna, the capital of Bihar has long been a major trade centre and agricultural hub. The major agro-based products produced in the city include sugarcane, sesame, and small-grained rice.

Though most of the city's population relies on agro-based and infrastructural industries, one can find other industries also such as cotton textile, wooden furniture, petro-based, repairing and servicing, metal-based, chemical, leather-based, and ready-made garments and embroidery. Also, due to the availability of surplus agro-based products and an equally vast market demand, the food processing industry is also experiencing growth. Furthermore, as of June 2019, the Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is all set to start a major centre in Patna. This move is expected to act as an invitation for other IT companies to set up their centres too.

Some of the notable enterprises in Patna include Compuage Infocom Limited, Mind Aviator Technologies and Services, Vinayak Agro Farming and Products Private Limited, Indian Dairy and Farm Product Private Limited. As the city slowly but steadily evolves out of its former image of an entirely agro-based economy, finding a job opening in Patna is easy. Find your dream job with Randstad India.

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