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Hubli Dharwad is Karnataka’s second largest city. It is a nerve centre of administrative, industrial, and commercial activity. It is one of the growth hotspots in India, evident from the fact that it is the 22nd highest income tax generator in India, despite being a Tier II city. The city has a reputation for competitiveness and productivity, not just in the private but also in the public sector. The Hubli division of the South Western Railway is the one of the highest revenue generating railway divisions in the country. Agriculture and education also contribute to the vibrant economic scene in this city. The city is clearly an economic all-rounder.
While the government has to offer incentives to encourage setting up of small-scale industries in other parts of India, Hubli has a rich local legacy of self-sufficiency. It has the largest number of small industries and ancillary units in the country. They produce such varied products as industrial valves, machine tools, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, and chemicals, among others.

Hubli has also emerged as one of the surprise hubs of startups and tech incubators. The special feature is that these are more focused on social entrepreneurship. In recent times, the city has invited positive attention from international investors and the government.

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Owing to rapid development in recent years, Hubli has become a hotbed of trade and business. Every year, it attracts talent across various industries, offering meaningful and high-growth career opportunities. Jobs in Hubli are in plenty, calling for skilled professionals to apply. 

Salary trends across the country make for an encouraging picture for candidates across industries. In 2016-17, salaries from the junior to senior level in Bengaluru ranged from INR 5.46 to INR 28.08 lac per annum. The city also recorded the highest average CTC in the country at INR 14.64 lac per annum. Mumbai followed at INR 14.24 lac per annum. Jobs in Hubli make for an equally charming prospect given the city’s fast development.

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Situated right next to Bangalore, Hubli has become the second-largest industrial hub of Karnataka. The IT, petroleum, steel, furniture, machinery, tanning, electrical, rubber, food, pharma, leather and textile industries have a stronghold in this city. With the establishment of the high-tech diesel loco shed, the industrial development has amplified significantly. Furthermore, the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry encourages the establishment and development of business houses and industries to boost growth and prosperity and create a job vacancy in Hubli. The city is also favourable for people who want to explore new business opportunities.

The Aryabhata Tech Park and 7 other IT and IT-related companies have also been established by the state government. These corporate have a huge clientele base who offer services in different areas of the country as well as abroad. This, in turn, creates a new job opening in Hubli. Apart from the IT sector, the agricultural industry has also seen extensive growth and is important for Hubli’s economy. Hubli’s land is highly desirable for cultivating cotton and peanut crops.

Owing to the abundance of cotton crops, there are huge cotton mills based in Hubli. Asia’s biggest logistics company- VRL Logistics is also based out of this city. TATA motors also has a huge manufacturing unit in Hubli. Other business corporations that have set up shop in Hubli include Hindustan Petroleum, Apex Auto, Telcon, Spicer India, Kirloskar Group, JMT Auto and Tata Marco polo.

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