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Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Pune

India’s engineering sector is a large and diversified one that supports several other such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, etc. To achieve the target of becoming a superpower in the upcoming years, extensive investment has been poured into the sector in India. A large volume of Indian engineering products is exported to the UK and the US, which account for almost 60% of engineering exports. It is expected that the industry will grow at a rate of around 18-19% in the coming years.

Mechanical engineering is a crucial part of the industry, dealing with important concepts such as mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, robotics, fluid mechanics, et al. Thanks to booming businesses in the country, the scope for mechanical engineering jobs is growing. Employment can be found in both private and public sectors for mechanical engineers. 

The job of a mechanical engineer includes designing, testing, manufacturing, installing, operating, and maintaining a wide variety of machines and mechanical systems used in industries. With a growing demand for skilled engineers, mechanical engineering jobs today fetch competitive pay packages and growth-oriented career opportunities. 

Numerous Vacancies in Pune for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers in India are in high demand by industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, defence, marine, electronics, railways, utilities, etc. Of the many Indian cities that offer attractive opportunities in the field, Pune hosts a vibrant job market for engineers.

Pune is a city which has witnessed rapid development in the industrial and services sectors in recent times. This has led to a rise in mechanical engineering jobs in Pune. Salary trends for engineering jobs offer a flavour of how lucrative the job market currently is. In 2016-17, a senior technical engineer in Mumbai earned a CTC of INR 20.00 lac per annum while a junior engineer made INR 4.91 lac per annum. In the same year, a senior site engineer in the construction industry in Mumbai earned INR 20.00 lac per annum, one of the highest in the country. The scope of mechanical engineering jobs in Pune will only grow in the future. With many companies setting up their offices and factories in Pune, there is a rise in vacancies in Pune for mechanical engineers. 

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