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Construction Jobs in Bangalore

The construction industry in India is the second largest employer after agriculture, providing jobs to more than 35 million people. It accounts for about 11% of India’s GDP and makes a significant contribution to the national economy through massive employment. The industry has had room to flourish for several years now owing to the fact that India is the seventh largest country by landmass, a majority of which lies in the rural belt. However, the expansion is not only limited to rural areas. Since its inception in 2015, the Smart Cities Plan has taken 99 tier-1 and tier-2 cities under its wing; the plan been funded with USD 14 billion and has an outlay of USD 31.38 billion.

India's cement industry is a vital part of its economy and it alone provides employment to over one million people. As of now, India is the second largest producer of cement in the world, which bodes well for the construction industry to expand. The country has a lot of potential for development in the infrastructure and construction sector and its symbiotic relationship with the cement sector. Some of the recent major initiatives such as the aforementioned smart cities plan are proof of the success of this relationship.

The demand for talented individuals is very high in the construction sector. As India looks to become a developed country and gets ready for large-scale urbanization, a large pool of skilled individuals would be required to help the county get through the transition. Urban areas will need to be rejuvenated and the creation of new, inclusive smart cities would need to be conceptualized. India will become the world’s third-largest Construction Market by 2025 and thereby the Infrastructure Sector is a key driver for the Indian Economy.

Land well-paying jobs in construction companies in Bangalore

While many may consider a job in the construction industry to involve a lot of brutish work, it isn’t the complete picture. Of the many metros in India, Bangalore offers some of the best job opportunities in construction. Construction jobs in Bangalore offer attractive compensation and a meaningful role. In 2016-17, a senior civil engineer in the city made INR 22.92 lac per annum while a senior architect earned INR 20.00 lac per annum. A senior interior designer made INR 25.83 lac per annum, the highest in the country. In quality control, a junior professional made INR 4.55 lac per annum while a mid-level one made INR 11.54 lac per annum. It is evident that there is a great scope for securing attractive jobs in construction companies in Bangalore.

Organizations are on the lookout for talented individuals who can contribute to the industry in a meaningful way. With Randstad, you can identify the right construction jobs in Bangalore that offer a mix of challenge and growth opportunity. Begin your job search with Randstad and stand out from the crowd.

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