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Electronic Jobs in Chennai

The Indian economy is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% in 2018 and 7.5% thereafter. As per a report published by the World Bank, the Indian economy, considering this growth rate, will be the fastest growing economy for the next few years. The projected growth rate reflects growing public consumption, rapid urbanization, and a continuous influx of foreign investments. As opposed to this, China is expected to grow at a rate of 5.6%. With this impressive rate, the Indian economy seems to have changed due to the implementation of goods and services tax and demonetization. It has improved significantly post such events. Consequently, the investment rate is also slated to have a trickle-down effect in the next few years as it has already gained momentum. According to this data, the country is seeing a robust development in the manufacturing and service sector – both of which will help the country’s economy grow even further. Notwithstanding the growth of industrial output and manufacturing sector, which has considerably increased over the last few months, the Indian economy also thrives immensely on its service sector as well. The service sector of the country is also called a dominant sector and for a reason. This sector accounts for 55.2% of the overall value added to the economy and it’s majorly responsible for capital formation. Thus, various investment banks, as per the RBI, have stated that private investments will solidify the economy and will provide it with the much-needed boost. The service sector in the country is largely driven by skilled and semi-skilled professionals and the industry is always on the lookout for great talent. Any forward-looking organization which wants to make a mark in the economy must seize the opportunity to grab the best talent, retain, and engage them to strengthen their workforce. As 79% of the organizations look at increased hiring, salary has become the main factor for them and their organizational growth.

Incredible Consumer Durable Jobs in Chennai

For instance, there are plenty of electronic jobs in Chennai and elsewhere. Among all the metros, Chennai ranks at number 3 in offering the highest salaries to its employees. For instance, for a mid-level manager, Chennai pays an average CTC of INR 10.36 lac per annum against the national average of INR 9.94 lac per annum. It also offers an attractive compensation package of INR 25.53 lac per annum to its senior professionals against the national average of INR 25.94 lac per annum. This indicates that there are attractive opportunities in Chennai in any field, especially consumer durable jobs in Chennai. Such companies are always on the lookout for the best talent and Randstad helps you get closer to them. Submit your CV with us today to get your dream offer.

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