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Pharma Jobs in Bangalore

India holds an important place in the global pharmaceutical market and is the single largest provider of generic drugs globally. Indian drugs are exported to more than 200 countries in the world, with the US and UK being the most prevalent costumers, accounting for 40% and 25% of the demand for generic medicines respectively. Generic drugs produced in India account for 20% of global exports in terms of volume, making the country the largest provider of generic medicines globally with pharmaceutical exports standing at USD 17.27 billion in 2017-18. Valued at an impressive USD 33 billion in 2017, the industry is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.4% during 2018-20, reaching a value of USD 55 billion.

The field of Biotechnology has allowed for major growth in the field of pharmaceuticals. India's biotechnology sector, comprising of the sub-sectors such as bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-services, bio-agriculture, etc., is expected to grow at a rate of around 30% a year and reach a value of USD 100 billion by the year 2025. This matters greatly as the field of biotechnology aids immensely in the development of pharmaceutical products and its growth will directly affect that of the pharmaceutical industry.

The sub-sectors of the pharmaceuticals industry Biopharma, comprising of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics, contribute to nearly 62% of the total revenues, amounting to USD 1.89 billion. India, while enjoying its current position at the helm of the global pharmaceuticals sector, has a huge arsenal of scientists and engineers who have the potential to take the industry to greater heights.

Land the Best Healthcare & Pharma Jobs in Bangalore

Pharma Jobs in Bangalore are in abundance and with a hefty. A doctor with an MD can garner a salary of INR 30 lac per annum while those with a simple MMBS can still fetch a modest average of INR 5.33 lac per annum. Other healthcare jobs in Bangalore like that of a research analyst can fetch an average of INR 25.83 lac per annum for specialists while the juniors earn a respectable 5.42 lac per annum.

The industry only looks to grow further as the Indian government has taken several steps to reduce costs and bring down healthcare expenses. The capital boost provided by the government to rural health programmes, lifesaving drugs, and preventive vaccines also bodes well for the pharmaceutical industry. The government has planned to set up a venture capital fund of USD 640 million to boost drug discovery and strengthen pharmaceutical infrastructure. “Pharma Vision 2020” document as drafted by the Department of Pharmaceuticals has been aimed to establish India as a leading county for end-to-end drug manufacturing and innovation.

With such a promising future, corporations are constantly looking for individuals to act as an integral cog in the machine that is the pharmaceutical industry. With Randstad, you get one step closer to landing your dream pharma job in Bangalore.

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