The once-booming Indian e-commerce sector is losing its shine due to negative news that refuses to subside ranging from top level exits from start-ups, lowered valuations and the recent Flipkart-IIM-Ahmadabad fracas. All the giants in the e-commerce sector are in the news for negative reasons. Growth is on the downward curve and many of them are trimming down their workforce. With high level exits from Unicorns, lower valuations and a fund crunch staring in the face of start-ups, is the shine going off the start-up ecosystem in India? Are we going the dotcom way with exponential growth and sudden bust?

With the hype of the e-commerce sector being hit by lower valuation and shutting down of operations, a level of maturity can be expected, say experts. “The sector has not lost its potential and there is much scope for growth. What will not happen now is accelerated realizations. Consolidation may be the game-changer, instead,” says Dr Moorthy K Uppaluri, Managing Director and CEO of Randstad.

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