Building from the insights shared in the Randstad Awards India report, we take look into some of the reasons behind the prevalent employer branding trends in India. According to the latest Randstad Awards India report, the gap in candidate preferences and employers core areas of investment, although significant, has been closing down. Within the Indian context, the top core values that candidates search for in their employers are salary & employee benefits, long-term job security and financial health. This is in contrast to what employers focus on providing the employees.

The report states that the focus of employers is on financial health and strong management as the areas within their employer branding activities. But such revelations are not so surprising. Barring certain segments within the Indian ecosystem that are pioneering the development and the GDP growth leading to wage development, there remains an array of people who are still looking for job security and financial betterment. Although the per capita wages have been on a rise, one finds a parallel rise in the wage disparity, affecting a large part of the demography.

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