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overview: The Indian government is set to tap the brakes on a torrid pace of capital investment growth in the coming fiscal year as a slowing economy limits spending power by weakening tax revenue, according to a Reuters poll of economists.

Food and fertilizer subsidies that help two-thirds of India's 1.4 billion people will also be scaled.


After the pandemic-induced spurt in spending, FY24 Budget expansion is likely to be a moderate one, with the economy having stabilized. From looking at the budget data of the last two decades, it is amply evident that the NDA tends to be less expansionary on the fiscal.

Man sitting on a bench with his bike next to him, looking at his phone.
Man sitting on a bench with his bike next to him, looking at his phone.

As this is the last full-year Budget before the Union Election in 2024, we expect it to be growth-oriented. The primary focus of the Budget is likely to be on job creation and investment-driven growth. The real estate sector may get a boost with some announcements to expand the current income tax benefit for housing. Measures to stimulate rural spending and infrastructure development would be the highlight in the Budget. Any roadmap to build and bolster the entrepreneurship culture can promote self-reliance and go a long way in employment generation. Overall, with its focus on growth and development, this Budget may have something for everyone.



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