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overview: Remote work preferences are high among employees engaged in the BPO/IT/tech sector, especially women BPO workers. Among IT and BPO employees, 41 per cent prefer fully remote work and only 51 per cent said they are open to hybrid and just 3 per cent said they don’t want to work from home.



While 53 per cent IT and 45 per cent BPO companies are operating in the hybrid way, 24 per cent of BPOs and 18 per cent of IT firms are offering a WFH mandate, according to a study conducted exclusively for ToI by recruitment firm Randstad India. It ended in the second week of September.

Only a mere 6 per cent companies are offering employees the choice to pick a working style option.

WFH vs WFO vs Hybrid mode
WFH vs WFO vs Hybrid mode

As Covid cases continue to subside, more companies are pushing employees to attend office.

Around 46 per cent firms are batting for full office return as against only 16 per cent companies that are offering work from home options. Another 32 per cent are falling in the mid at 32 per cent offering hybrid options.



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