With holidays round the corner, it can get more challenging to maintain high efficiency at the work place. Planning personal commitments, attending office celebrations, and listening to the festive accounts of your colleagues can hinder your focus at work and cause you to lose momentum. The downside: lower productivity prior to the holidays can result in an increased work load when you return to work after the break.
Here are five tips to help you effectively deal with distractions this holiday season. 

organize your work

Draw up a detailed to-do list of all the work related tasks well in advance of the holidays. The same is recommended for your personal tasks as well, so you do not feel bogged down by either at the last moment. Divide the list into two - what needs to be wrapped up before the holidays and what you can schedule after the break. Understanding your priorities will help keep your focus as well as calm at work.

check off the high-priority tasks 

Once you have clarity on what tasks need to be completed before the holiday season, focus on them. Do not worry about accomplishing everything at once as you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the work load. Schedule a few high priority tasks for each day and meet the deadlines for projects that cannot be pushed beyond the holidays.

communicate ahead of time

There is a high possibility that your clients or colleagues might go on vacation around the festive season. Planning ahead for such contingencies can help you avoid delays in your work  due to the unavailability of other people or lack of relevant information. Make sure you ask for all the help that you need to wrap up the tasks listed as high priority on your to-do list. Similarly, provide all necessary information to your colleagues and clients regarding on-going projects, so you can relax once the holidays begin.

avoid multitasking to improve your focus

Organizing and scheduling your daily work will pay off only when you are able to keep distractions at bay. Working on multiple projects in one go can often result in the inability to complete even a single task. Doing your personal work such as texting or online shopping in the middle of official work will only diminish your focus and delay your tasks. 

commit to tasks based on your schedule

 In order to complete your projects more efficiently at work, it is important that you abide by your own deadlines. Take on  only what you know you will certainly be able to finish. Negotiate deadlines reasonably and communicate effectively about what can or cannot be done in the given time, with your manager, clients and colleagues.  This is also true for any cultural activities in your office. Don’t be afraid say NO to non-work related activities when you need to. High performers are able to maintain their momentum not only during the holiday season but also over the long run by creating a good work-life balance. Being more efficient and productive at work before the holiday season not only means you will be able to welcome the holidays with a relaxed mindset but also get back to work refreshed and more motivated.