five reasons you should actually consider giving that interview again and again

Okay so you’re nearing 30 and have already moved about five jobs. A year in each place? Or maybe even less. Are you fed up of your family and well-meaning friends (and even professional associates) giving you grandfather’s wisdom on why you should consider settling down in one place professionally? Don’t worry if you find yourself feeling stagnated in one company and waiting for the first excuse to move out. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a salaried employee sticks to each of his or her jobs for an average period of 4.6 years. Millennials seem to consider job hopping as an integral part of their career growth path and we believe they might actually be right – for not one, but five good reasons. 

reason 1: good hikes in salary

Let’s admit it: everyone is motivated by financial rewards. By jumping the ladder to more advanced roles in various organizations, you can actually increase your monetary worth. Sometimes, moving jobs is a far better way to ensure a substantial rise in salary than waiting for a raise post an appraisal – which doesn’t always satisfy on the money front. Corporations are wooing skilled professionals with fat pay checks along with fringe benefits and other corporate perks. So if you’ve got it in you and are willing to take the risk, jumping jobs might actually help you reach your financial goals quickly!

reason 2: rich and diversified work experience

Moving jobs frequently can help you acquire a wider experience in the domain of your choice. As a thumb rule, job hoppers don’t usually degrade their roles when jumping jobs; so a potential move to an organization with a better work environment, advanced tools and technologies, and enhanced processes can hone your skills in your specific area of expertise. In that sense, job hopping can help advance your career in leaps and bounds. 

reason 3: more challenges and opportunities to prove talent

Each new job comes with its own set of challenges and if you are the types who are charged with a rush of adrenalin every time a challenge surfaces, job hopping is definitely for you. Newer workplace challenges also mean self-competition to prove a point – and this usually leads to stepping out of the comfort zone and indulging in lateral thinking to achieve higher performance levels. 

reason 4: a wider professional network

Professional networking is no longer just a value-add – it is highly essential in today’s competitive world. The new generation of young, talented, and social media savvy professionals understands the benefits of strategic networking for success and going out of the way to associate with peers, thought leaders, and sometimes professional rivals too. Moving jobs several times provides access to a wider professional network and these associations can help further your career – be it in terms of getting professional advice, news about new career openings, or information on current trends in your industry.  

reason 5: better job satisfaction

Job jumping can help bring out your hitherto unknown qualities of being more receptive and responsive to change; flexible to operate in diverse work cultures; and adaptive to newer learning environments. Working in different organizational setups with different people and different resources provides greater satisfaction of having accomplished something. Many times, the atmosphere conducive for self-growth cannot be found under a single roof. Working with multiple organizations not only broadens horizons on the career front, but also provides an insight into what role might suit you the best. 

Job hopping should be done only for the right reasons and needs to be viewed as a positive growth strategy and not an escape route to a boring, dull career. Every job provides scope for learning and an awareness of what’s right for you and what’s not. So the next time you want to consider floating your resume in the market, ask yourself why you want to move out. If the answers are enough to get your spirits soaring and your passions rising, go ahead and take the plunge.