Organizations are at war to recruit the best talent in the industry. High potential and multi-skilled candidates are rare, and hence in great demand. Furthermore, the advent of social media and other company review platforms such as Glassdoor have enabled millennial employees to make well-informed career choices and decisions. A growing number of companies are now realizing the need to focus  as much on their employer brand as on their corporate brand.

With more than 41 million monthly visitors, Glassdoor has become the go-to space for promoting  employer brand and finding the right talent online. Here are five ways that your company can leverage the platform to build a stand-out employer brand.


Define your brand clearly

A company can promote only what it stands for. The core values of your company, work and employee culture, and long-term vision are some of the aspects that your organization can use to create  a unique employer brand personality. Active job seekers often look for such information about organizations online. According to the Millennial Impact Report, more millennials are becoming engaged in philanthropic causes. They are more likely to research the issues and causes that your company supports. It’s therefore important to have a clear idea of what brand perception you want to create in the employees’ minds while using open platforms such as Glassdoor.


Optimize your profile continually

According to Glassdoor’s own research, more than 50% of the 4,600 respondents said that they use Glassdoor at some point during their job search. This insight emphasizes the importance of organizations owning and managing an active profile on the site. The first step  is to create a ‘free employer account’ on Glassdoor  to represent your employer brand on the platform and establish a two-way communication with potential candidates. By creating a profile on Glassdoor, you can update basic company details, view analytics for profile visits and audience demographics, and  respond to feedback personally.  You can also subscribe to the paid version to actively promote your jobs on the platform.


Invite reviews from current employees

The average company rating on Glassdoor is 3.3 out of 5. This average includes the active profiles of companies that have a brand strategy. The rather modest score is indicative of the need for employers to work strategically to build their brand on the platform. While  current employees are the biggest brand ambassadors for a company, they are also internal customers for other job seekers. Engage and encourage your current workforce to share their reviews on the Glassdoor site. Some organizations resort to outsourcing the process to agencies so the current employees can review their employer more sincerely and objectively.


Work on feedback

The staggering number of job seekers using Glassdoor for checking company reviews makes it necessary for employers to take the rating and feedback they get on the platform seriously. Employers that own their shortcomings and respond personally to the reviews tend to establish a stronger brand identity in the minds of visitors. Back in 2015, when Amazon faced flak for  neglecting employee well-being, its ratings were also low. Since then, the company seems to have improved its employer brand, as its 19,349 current and former employees agree that they would recommend the company to a friend. This improvement is also indicated in the company’s rating on Glassdoor as it moved from 3.4 (2015) to 3.8 in (2018).

Highlight enriching employee experiences

You can capitalize on the rich employee experiences your company provides by sharing them with future employees. 48% of job seekers consult Glassdoor while searching for a job or finalizing on an offer letter. This opens up an opportunity for you to reach out to talent that is looking for a friendly work environment or a unique work culture.

With a strong employer brand and an employee support program in place, organizations today can use recruitment platforms such as Glassdoor to create a unique brand persona and attract top talent in tight labor markets.

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

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