Talent analytics is a platform that gives you insights into the workforce–the potential hiring pool and existing team members. Analysing these insights can help you understand the strengths of employees and find ways to improve their weaknesses. Read the press articles below to learn more about the importance of talent analytics in your organisation.

talent analytics is important in sourcing and retaining staff.

Talent analytics and flexible working options are expected to play a critical role in sourcing and retaining talent in the Indian IT and ITeS sector in the next 5-10 years. According to a survey by Randstad Technologies, 95 percent of the 600 HR leaders in the IT sector said talent analytics, which includes utilisation of various software tools to manage several people-related aspects, would be a key factor in companies' retention strategies going forward.

"Getting the right talent is at the top of a CEO's agenda and owing to the criticality of this, HR has clearly earned a place in the boardroom today. The role of HR is more important than ever," Moorthy K Uppaluri, MD & CEO, Randstad India said. 

talent analytics crucial to workforce management.

HR and business leaders looking to improve strategic workforce planning and create talent-ready organisations will find talent and workforce analytics a powerful enabler, states Talent Trends Report - HR Game Changers, a report by Randstad.

Organisations can leverage vast amounts of data that can help them predict, find, engage and keep the most talented employees. In Randstad’s report titled Talent Trends Survey of Indian HR leaders, 61% indicated that they used talent analytics and insights in their workforce planning process. The number one reason for using analytical data was to make the workforce planning process more efficient (78%), followed closely by accurate mapping and addressing of skills gaps (67%), and the ability to clearly identify high-potential employees for development (66%).
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talent analytics matters for better employee management.

Talent analytics can unleash your team's potential by offering insights into employee metrics. Read our article about workplace diversity trends if you’re interested to learn the ways to establish a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative. Also, be sure to check out our digital, marketing & communication job openings if you’re looking for new and exciting work opportunities.