what is an inside sales representative?

An inside sales representative is a sales professional who uses remote communications to sell products and services. This role developed as global telemarketing expanded. Phone leads were once more prominent than those found online or through email. Phone canvassing has remained, but online technologies are now predominant.

mastering the sales criteria

Every sales professional studies a specific market, develops a list of leads and engages with them. Inside sales representatives also take these steps but pursue them without having direct contact with their leads. Companies rely on inside sales representatives because their work builds revenue and gains more leads. A job involves inside sales when the work is in-house, but there is no face-to-face contact with clients.

applying modern technology

Computers are now central to the work of remote sales, so inside sales teams study and research more than ever before. Being good with data and knowing how to find it gives you unique leverage in selling. You can then craft pitches for the specific leads you are going to pursue. No matter what industry you enter, you have a significant advantage as an inside sales representative when you understand your audience.

Would working as an inside sales representative suit your customer service and planning skills? Then read on to discover the competencies and qualifications best-suited to thriving in an inside sales representative role.

inside sales representative jobs

average salary of an inside sales representative

Inside sales reps earn wages in several ways. You can be paid by commissions and bonuses or earn a basic salary like other professions. According to Payscale, the average base salary of an inside sales representative is ₹352,014 per year. In the early years, your compensation package is around ₹270,000 annually. After some years in the role, your salary increases to close to ₹480,000 annually. Some inside sales representatives also earn commissions on top of their basic salary. The commissions are usually a percentage of the value of their sales. Some employers prefer to award bonuses to inside sales reps for meeting targets and sales quotas. 

how to boost your salary as an inside sales representative

The easiest way to improve your earnings is to boost sales and meet your quotas. You are likely to receive higher commissions and bonuses for achieving the set targets. When you have more experience in sales, you can use your expertise to negotiate higher earnings. Senior inside sales representatives can also negotiate higher salaries due to their transferrable skills.

inside sales representative roles
inside sales representative roles

types of inside sales representative


The types of inside sales representatives depend on the customers they sell to or the products and services they market. Some types of inside sales representatives include:

  • b2b inside sales representatives: you research potential businesses or companies you can sell to. You reach out to businesses online to explain your products and the benefits to their companies.
  • b2c inside sales representatives: your job is to reach potential customers through phone calls and explain product features to make a sale. You also contact the leads generated from online sources to guide them through the purchase process.
  • fashion inside sales representatives: your job is to find and contact potential customers interested in fashion items. You advise on sizes and other features.

working as an inside sales representative

Inside sales representatives boost a company's sales by contacting leads and guiding them to purchase products. You should be convincing and confident to maintain potential customers' attention. Let's explore the specific duties, work schedules and career prospects associated with the role.


education and skills


Most sales roles require minimal educational qualifications. When you complete your HSCE, you can join the role and start from entry-level sales positions before becoming an inside sales representative. Most companies provide on-the-job training. If you want to pursue a diploma or degree course, consider sales management or marketing courses.

skills and competencies

As an inside sales representative, you require the following skills:

  • listening skills: you deal with clients remotely, which means you don't have the benefit of body language to understand a customer. Good listening skills help you answer questions accurately and build rapport with customers.
  • organisational skills: you handle multiple customer accounts, so your organisational skills help you manage all customer activities on time and provide accurate feedback.
  • dependability: reliability helps to build customer trust. For instance, if you promise to deliver the goods on time, failing to fulfill your promise erodes trust.

FAQs about working as an inside sales representative

FAQs about working as an inside sales representative:

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