The job may be remote, but keep success close.

If communication methods and skills are critical in the traditional work model, it is even more so in the remote work model. Relying on remote communication for instructions, feedback and reports becomes challenging as the critical elements of body language are facial expressions are missing. Remote communication needs to double up on clarity and accuracy to ensure that everyone are on the same page in understanding the why, what and how of what needs to be done. Only then can the morale and trust levels be kept high for impactful outcomes.
Let’s have a look at how we can make this happen in terms of communication channels and skills

collaborative software to recreate an in-person office experience.

With many companies investing in collaborative software, acquire proficiency in the one that your organization uses — to send messages, share ideas and documents, work simultaneously on projects, and request for feedback and suggestions. By being logged into them during work hours, you can ask for and respond to any queries, or seek and give help to your colleagues with speed when they need it. This also can keep remote teams more organized.

leverage your company’s project management tools.

If you are simultaneously working on multiple projects find out the project management tools that your company recommends to collaborate and communicate with the concerned teams. Such programs enable planning, scheduling, feedback, insights-sharing, progress tracking, and more on a single platform. They can guide teams to efficiently use their resources.

working togehter
working togehter

different strokes for different needs.

By encouraging employees to use the chat function of the company-recommended communication tool, they can discuss work (or personal topics) in real time — much like a conversation. Messaging allows near real-time exchange of information and insights, and improves camaraderie with the informal style of communication. There are many video chat and conferencing tools to simulate face-to-face interactions that remote teams lack. On the other hand, e-mail is one of the best tools for formal communications. Due to the fact that emails are not instantaneous or interactive, it gives users to think more deliberately and with extra consideration to what needs to be done — and provides a written document of conversations.

It is important to make yourself proficient on your company-mandated communication tool.


online toolkit

improve your job seeker journey.

job seeker toolkit

virtual water coolers – make engagement come alive.

Take time off to participate in virtual social time to recreate a culture of engagement and bonding. A virtual water cooler is a team-building space to bring together employees to talk about their interests and learn about each other. It is a great chance for employees to connect and come closer.



additional range and dimensions of communication skills.

Remote communication is different and calls for different skills. Beyond the vocabulary and grammar of communication, there are some very important requirements you must understand and gain proficiency in.

Some of them include:

  • Know your colleagues’ preferences and communicate on the platform that best meets their needs
  • Proactively update your team with progress on work, leave plans, etc.
  • Improve written communication skills — to organize your thoughts, express them with clarity, simplicity and conciseness in a professional tone and attitude.
  • Provide the right context and content, as well as your recommendations, if needed
  • Be cognizant of the time zones from which your colleagues work, and avoid communicating outside their work hours, unless an emergency

The ways to communicate even when working remote are many. All you have to do is to learn how to supercharge your productivity with 22 unique web forms use cases for remote workplaces.

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