The job may be remote, but keep success close.

Working from home or remotely may fit in with your plans, but here is the million dollar question. How do you plan to keep yourself fit and healthy from behind your desk at home? Confined to one place through your workday, and with no reason to move between people and rooms, there is a very strong possibility of lapsing to a sedentary

way of functioning.

Here are some tips to stay healthy while working remote.

make exercise a part of your schedule.

If sticking to an exercise regimen in normal times is a challenge, it is even more so in times of remote work. if you are one who does not exercise regularly, now is the time to start. If you do, that’s great — and you may just have to tweak your exercise habits to accommodate your remote work schedule.

Make a calendar on when you will exercise, and include exercises that take care of prolonged periods of sitting in the manner you do while working from home or remote.

make room for mental exercising and emotional wellness too.

As important as physical fitness is mental well-being, you will agree. So, make room in your fitness calendar for ways to keep yourself emotionally sustained too. How about reading, listening to podcasts, a crossword or sudoku, or brainstorming with friends?

Get creative and add something new every day or week to your routine.

get active even while working.

Can you pace when talking on the phone? Or do your meetings standing up instead of sitting down?

Try to introduce some kinetic breaks in your work schedule — such as short walking or running breaks between planned schedules and meetings. If possible, try to get a desk that allows to both sit and stand while working — and toggle between the two.

The aim is to get energized, both physically and mentally, so do get creative about it.


How to stay healthy working from home or remote?
How to stay healthy working from home or remote?

leverage devices and technology.

There are a number of smart devices and apps to help your resolve to stay fit and healthy — such as timers (some very creative ones too), engaging types of reminders and motivators to keep you on track and focused in achieving your fitness goals.

Program your plans and priorities into your device(s) — and make sure you follow the prompts they send out to you.

take that planned break — don’t sacrifice it for extra time at work.

Of course, work deadlines are important, and you must meet them. But you need to keep yourself healthy too, to work efficiently. So when you take that break that you scheduled into your calendar — an exercise break, a coffee break or a lunch break — you are being wise, responsible and paving the way for your efficiency and


Take the full time you have scheduled for the break – and you will be surprised at how much you feel recharged and rejuvenated. That is the discipline you owe yourself!


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pick activities that motivate you.

While working remotely, you are your sole and best motivator. Interest wanes in any habit, and you do not want to fall prey to disinterest. So, be smart and choose activities that truly tickle your interest and motivation to keep going with gusto.

Ask yourself, what activities work for me to want me to be consistent? Maybe you can keep shuffling them so that doing something new motivates you.

stay hydrated and say NO to junk food.

Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day. And no, fizz and sugary drinks don’t count — in fact, they should not even be part of your diet. Keep a water bottle by your side, and use a timer to remind you to drink water.

Opt for healthy snack options, and make sure they are placed away from your desk, so that you have to get out of your seat to get them.


make your remote work space ergonomically correct.

We are not discounting the space and furniture constraint that you may have at home, but do not compromise on the ergonomic musts in your workspace.

Avoid your drawing room couch and dining table chairs. Investing in a proper desk that can fit into your home or remote workplace is totally worth it in terms of your health. This must support your posture and reduce your overall muscle strain. And place your laptop or monitor, and keyboard and mouse in the right positions.

Here’s to your health, fitness and happiness!

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