The job may be remote, but keep success close.

Accountability is a great measure of successful teams. When it comes to remote work, the accountability is enhanced — which means, as a remote professional, you carry a greater responsibility in ensuring this model works for you, your organization and your clients.  
So, what are the key responsibilities that you carry as a remote worker?

keep the flag of trust flying high.

In a remote work model, the need for trust is amplified multifold. Imagine working towards the same goal, but not being in the midst of your team members to achieve its success. In such a scenario, building trust is critical.
As a first step, understand how your work is placed in the bigger picture of your team’s objectives — and to your company’s top and bottom lines. Next, know and adhere to the collaboration processes set in your team and company. This establishes is a healthy openness in the way work is done, where there is openness, there is trust.


communicate, communicate…and communicate.

Your company most probably has established its remote communications strategy, policies and processes. Communication is vital for remote work to succeed, so take time to know them well, and adhere to them.
Specifically, the following tips will help:

  • Document more than you would normally
  • Be clear, succinct and with enough context in your written communication
  • Share ideas and information with your team members and supervisors
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help when you are not sure.

You have a role to play in building better connect across your organization, and following the right ways to communicate will help you succeed in doing so.


the link between worker well-being and productivity
the link between worker well-being and productivity

make yourself visible.

Remote work does not enjoy the luxury of personal visibility — of you to your team, and of your team to you.
Let people know what you are working on. Be it your team members or your manager can get caught up in their schedules – so, it’s a good idea to inform them about what you are doing.
Be responsive in answering your messages and mails. If you don’t have an immediate answer, let them know when you will get back to them, and keep the deadline. Certainly, this does not mean you should constantly be available, but don’t delay responses either.

ensure you connect with your team.

Getting to know your colleagues is critical not only for your individual performance but also for your team’s success. This will enhance productivity (as connected and engaged employees contribute better), and increase happiness at work.
Start your calls and meetings with a brief check-in. Are they doing good? Is there any way you can help them? You see, in remote work, there are no water cooler meets, and so, building remote personal relationships can go a long way in building trust and collaboration.


online toolkit

improve your job seeker journey.

job seeker toolkit

take ownership for all your infrastructure needs.

While your company will provide you the laptop or computer, the necessary connections and digital tools to do your work remotely, it is up to you to ensure you have all that you need to perform successfully.
Know what your organization will actually provide, and what you can buy and be reimbursed for. Make sure the internet at home or in your remote place of work is reliable, and have a sound back-up in place. Establish good connect with your organization’s tech support team, and work with them closely.

make sure you fulfil all your learning and training tasks.

In managing remote work with its demands and challenges, do not forget to fulfil your learning obligations. Make sure you are on top of all the mandatory learning courses earmarked for you and complete them well on time.
Additionally, look for value-adding courses — both internal and external. Take self- paced online courses, on your own time and schedule to proactively upskill yourself — both for your company’s needs and for your future opportunities.


above all, deliver.

Meet your deadlines and exceed expectations in what is expected of you at work. Put your hand up for stretch assignments and upskilling/reskilling opportunities. This will let your superiors know that you are committed to perform with excellence, and is certainly a win-all situation.

To borrow and tweak a well-known phrase, with great opportunities, come great responsibilities. Good luck!

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