The job may be remote, but keep success close.

You pride yourself on your performance, and are committed to delivering the best for your team and organization. Now, as a remote worker, you want to ensure the same standards of high performance. You know the environment is different, and you have made changes in the way you work and deliver outcomes. The question on your

mind is this — as a remote professional, where I do not have the advantage of seeing and discussing with my manager on a regular basis, how will my performance be evaluated? I know what I am doing, but does my manager know? More important, does s/he know enough for a fair appraisal?

Fair questions, for sure. While your company and manager have to attune themselves to a changed situation of performance management, you too can help yourself and your manager in making it effective. Here’s how.

understand your manager’s expectations of your performance – from the start.

When you know what your manager expects when s/he sets your goals, you can actually perform effectively. Understanding what your key performance indicators and measures of success are will help you prepare to work the most efficient way.

It’s in your interest to know this, so step up and ask. Schedule a call with your manager to understand the goals, and his/her expectations that are not spelt out in the goal sheet. Do not hesitate to ask questions to get complete clarity. And send a mail after the meeting, summarizing the points discussed. Your manager will remember and appreciate the interest you show in making your performance count.

Woman sitting at the kitchen table looking across
Woman sitting at the kitchen table looking across

check-in regularly with your manager on your performance.

In all probability, your manager’s responsibilities include regularly checking in on you, as a team member, on progress and expectations. These discussions can facilitate feedback and build rapport.

Use these conversations for the greatest advantage and impact. Keep a weekly log of your actions and outcomes against your KPIs, and go prepared for the check-in discussions. They are designed to keep your manager updated and for you to speak directly about things that are going well and of issues that need his/her attention and help.

Be hungry for feedback, and take notes during the meeting. For shared clarity, summarize the discussions in a follow-up mail and indicate the actions you will take on the inputs and feedback given by your manager.



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ensure you provide regular status updates.

This creates valuable reference points, both for you and your manager — especially since neither of you has the benefit of picking cues from body language or tone of voice. It will help your manager know what is exactly happening in the project. For you, it will elicit regular feedback from your manager, and give you something to

refer to in your next check-in meeting. Be clear on the updates and align them to the KPIs and the points arising from the check-in discussions. This way, it ensures that your accomplishments are not




and finally, trust your manager and the system.

Your manager trusts you to be open and honest with him/her. Reciprocate this trust. Belief in the system and your manager is a good place to start. If you find your manager not being responsive to your questions or attempts to reach out, don’t assume they are not interested in you. They may be overwhelmed with managing their hybrid team members or might be dealing with other administrative or personal

matters. Give him/her the benefit of the doubt, try harder to reach out, and keep the communication going.

Performance management for remote working needs extra thought and work — from your organization, your manager and yourself. When all three come together with the right tools, it can be a tremendously satisfying experience. You have control over what you can do to make it better for you. So start from your end, and watch other aspects fall into place too.

All the best!

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