New technology and demographical evolution have resulted in some massive changes in the industry norms. Companies are redefining their strategies and processes to meet the many new-age industrial challenges such as finding the right talent for evolving job roles. Organizations are being pushed to adopt innovative recruitment techniques to combat dearth of skilled talent as well as making the right person-job fit. Investing in employer brand, for instance, is being increasingly implemented as it can reduce hiring costs by 20% and lower turnover rates by 27%, according to a report.

So what are the other hiring trends that are emerging in the job market and how are they impacting your job search? Let’s take a look.


recruiters are aware of passive candidates

According to a study, 7 out of 10 employees confirmed that they are continually looking out for jobs as part of their “regular routine”. The report also revealed that Gen Y (79%) is more active in their job search as compared to the Baby Boomers (67%). This is the reason why companies are not restricting their talent search to active searchers any more. So even when you are not actively looking out for your next job, make sure that you keep all your profiles on social media as well as job sites active and updated.


recruiters are looking for diversity

The 2018 Global Recruiting Trends Report says, “Diversity is the global mindset”. 78% of talent professionals agreed that diversity is the top trend impacting their hiring process, in the report. So for your next job search, target companies where you think you will be a good cultural add to the organization. Let your application highlight your skills and cultural learning with respect to the prospective employer’s business goals and vision. Adding to their cultural diversity can strengthen your candidature for the job.


companies are using innovative interview techniques

A report reveals the fact that 56% of hiring managers say that new interview tools are the top hiring trend in the industry right now. While traditional interviews are not going away completely anytime soon, companies are realizing that the process has its own drawbacks. The traditional interview methods often fail to curb personal biases, assess soft skills of a candidate, measure the weaker traits of the candidates in a short, etc. This brings in the use of job auditions, online assessment tests, Virtual Reality (VR) tests, etc. to assess the overall candidature of an applicant. Hence, you must be prepared to take on these new styles of hiring. Being adept with technology and attempting a few mocks of these formats will make you more prepared to handle a real-time situation.


recruiters are fishing for talent on social media

The recent study reported social media to be the top source for industry recruitment, currently. With 36.7% votes, it stands on the first position of talent sources that recruiters are turning to find the right talent. LinkedIn alone has grown to be much more than just a professional networking site. As an employee of this current industrial era, it is crucial to be aware of the power of your online presence. Use your social media profiles not only as a medium to connect with employer brands, but also as a platform to represent your persona to the recruiters on a hunt for talent.

These are some of the new hiring trends that have emerged in the last few years and are still evolving. Keeping yourself abreast with these trends will not only strengthen your candidature as an applicant, but will also help you shape your career more voluntarily.