The job may be remote, but keep success close.

There cannot be a better time to be a remote job seeker than today. Remote work is more accessible than ever before, with so many more remote work-friendly companies.

But make no mistake, remote work is serious business. Be it to perform well, or to be competitive in the job market, you need to understand the skills it takes to be a successful remote working professional.

make your communication intentional.

Communication is important in any form of work, and even more so when working remote. Especially, written communication. Most of your communication will be through email or instant messages. How can your choice of words reflect the right tone and inflection that you use when you talk to others? How do you ensure it is done right with a diverse cross section of peers, supervisors, clients and other stakeholders? Words, diction, grammar — they all matter.

Oral communication in a remote setting is equally important. The tone we deliver, the words we utter, the pauses we take, the space we give for others to have their say — all of these make communication positively intentional.

master the art and science of focus.

Office environments are designed to enable productivity with the right blend of team energy, quiet spaces and collaborative interaction. To achieve the same standards of efficiency and productivity in a remote setting calls for tremendous focus — in fact, greater than what is required when working in an office.

Thus, when you work from home, structure and plan your work routine in a way that provides positive energy and minimizes distractions. Create a cheerful atmosphere, a comfortable work desk, maybe use noise canceling headphones, remove visual clutter — you can do many things to improve your focus.


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specialty staffing

get creative in collaboration.

With remote work, you are free from frequent check-ins and micromanagement. With this freedom, however, comes the need to be self-disciplined and responsible in managing your time.

Prioritize tasks with a clear understanding of what is urgent, time-critical and important. Equip yourself with project management skills to accurately estimate the complexity of the different tasks, and draw up schedules to consistently complete them with quality.


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improve your job seeker journey.

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become technology savvy.

Digital tools are the backbone of remote work environment, and each organization will use different tools, processes and methods.

Pay close attention to the digital tools that your company has adopted, and ensure you take the training needed to make you familiar with them. While you don’t need to be an expert in all the tools, you must have an open mind and a growth mindset to proactively learn new technologies.

develop emotional intelligence.

This is important for you to understand your colleague’s mindset, communication style and perspectives as you work with them.

Develop your capacity for empathy, collaboration and inclusion, so that you can connect better, understand their non-verbal cues and know what motivates them.

This will enable team goals to be achieved in delivering the best experience for clients and high performance for your organization — besides enhancing your work happiness.


flex to be adaptable.

Today’s business environment is volatile, and the remote work model is in its infancy. It is therefore important that you are flexible to adapt to the rapid and continuous changes that will happen. Honing your problem-solving and critical- thinking skills is vital.

For remote work to be successful, you need to be an integral part of your team and company’s continuous efforts to improve work methods and create impact with resilience.

Here’s to your success as a remote work professional.

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