A recent survey found a categorical preference for remote work, with 97. 6 percent preferring to work remotely for at least part of the time in their future careers. What started out as a compulsion a few years back has now come to be regarded as best practice and a definite choice for a majority of employees!

So, why has remote work grown in importance today? The fact is, remote work is as advantageous for organizations as it is for people. Let us look at the benefits it brings about.

improved work-life balance.

After the initial period of getting used to remote work, there is no doubt that remote-friendly work has helped employees to achieve an improved work-life balance. Not just from home, today, employees can work individually or in small groups from coffee shops and co-working space as required, and yet call the shots on a relaxed personal life. 

This leads to long-term benefits for both employees and employers. Happier people at work equals better motivation to deliver high-quality work. Amazing time management and communication tools ensure that work is completed more efficiently too.

higher productivity.

An interesting input received from workers is that the traditional office can prove to be distracting — with co-worker distractions, water cooler breaks, etc. Having created a controlled environment at home for work, people have found they can think, plan and execute their work with much greater efficiency.

Over the last couple of years, employees have learnt to create and weve their flexible schedules around their most productive hours. So, it is early morning for some, or burning the midnight oil for others. And this diversity can be a huge advantage for people closely working in teams

staffing solutions
staffing solutions

lower costs - both for employees and employers.

For organizations, it is significant savings on office space and resources (rent, power, amenities, furniture, etc.). This saving is still significant if a hybrid work model is deployed. By investing in the right resources, organizations can help employees save time and effort — such as Google Workspace (which is a comprehensive suite of n example of cloud-based office productivity tools. Irrespective of the time zones people are in, teams can automatically create events and meetings in a manner that removes scheduling conflicts.

goodbye, hassles of commuting.

This is a reason that finds unanimity in almost all people. The relief of not having to be stuck in traffic every day and the tremendous freeing up of time are benefits that all employees have experienced — and they are in no mood to trade this advantage. Empty hours behind the wheel or on public transport can be extremely stressful, and across the world, flexible work has also been found to reduce the increasing costs of healthcare.

For the green champions, reduced commute time equates to a lesser carbon footprint they leave on our planet.

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improve your job seeker journey.

job seeker toolkit

happier employees, better talent retention.

Remote work creates the magic of increased happiness and satisfaction. From the ability to take charge of work with purpose and pride, to feeling alive at the ability to design one’s workspace in a way that that one wants — it’s an amazing canvas of happiness that motivates people to stay on with the organization. Result? Reduced employee attrition!

improved opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

For underrepresented groups, it unfolds the number of available opportunities. Women, who are constrained to take care of children and family from home, people with disabilities who cannot commute to and from work on a regular basis, and those for whom the cost and toll of commuting is high — here is a great opportunity for employment. Organizations too can find a sudden boost in the talent pipeline.

Remote work has, thus far, been a resounding success for organizations and their people. It has taught both how to make the best of giving and managing autonomy at work. Managers learn to micromanage less, and members learn to be more accountable. Without doubt, the future of work is indeed borderless and remote.

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