So, you are looking for a remote job. The idea of a flexible way of working without the need to commute to office makes you feel good. You are determined to be a successful remote employee, and determined to bring the best of our skills to this new model of work.

Remote working skills are both tangible and intangible. They skills that will help you achieve your maximum potential in remote work jobs. Remote positions do indeed require committed employees who can work without supervision, yet deliver on time and with high quality. So, pause to ask yourself the question — what are the remote working skills I need?

strong self-motivation.

Remember, when you work from home, you are not on a daily basis. You are both the employee and manager, and it is really up to you to move ahead on your deadlines and deliverables, or stay in the same place.  This is where self-motivation comes in. It helps you prepare, plan and execute well on your responsibilities without being told. Create efficient schedules and routines to remain focused without distractions. Ensure there is a distinct separation of your personal life and work.

excellent communication.

Yes, you have video conference as a very helpful tool to communicate remotely, but you still need to hone your written communication skills. Understand which communication calls for an email, which can be sent through messaging apps, which needs to be communicated over the phone — and in person.

Especially in a remote work environment, every communication must be clear and understandable if they are to achieve successful results. Proofread what you wrote for language, grammar, and relevance.

knowledge of, and experience with remote tools.

Effective remote team communication needs knowledge of and proficiency in the right tools – such as Zoom for video conferencing, Basecamp for project management and Slack for instant messaging.

Additionally, make yourself skilled in accessing and deploying tools that your company uses. This will make you stand out as a collaborative team player.



From planning your schedule, interacting with colleagues and executing plans, you need to be confident of working independently. Most remote managers expect their employees to show autonomy at work. When you solve problems on your own, you can improve your resourcefulness. Don’t shy away from asking questions to get the right


learnability and willingness to learn.

As a remote worker, you will need to collaborate in a virtual environment. Be curious in your thinking, and be willing to learn and relearn. By demonstrating this attitude, you will feel motivated at work, and open to improving yourself.

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A fundamental requirement for a remote worker is infusing confidence to clients and colleagues that you can be depended upon. This calls for self-discipline in planning, organizing and efficient execution — both for your assignments and for team assignments Document all deadlines and tasks lists, and keep your calendar constantly updated.

teamwork and collaboration.

You may have an individualistic routine while working remote, but the rules of teamwork and collaboration don’t change. In fact, they call for greater attention, especially when you are working remote. Ensure you respect, communicate with and listen to your teammates. Be adaptable and flexible, and be available for your colleagues and team members.

cultural compatibility.

More so in remote work models, there is a greater degree of diversity — of language, culture, generations, and regions. You’ll work with people from all parts of the world, with different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. This is a great advantage for you, and so be open to absorbing the best others can offer. Remote working can be game-changer for both your professional success and balance of life. Here’s wishing you the best to make it happen.

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