what is a front-end developer?

As a front-end developer, you are responsible for building the front end—also known as the client side—of a website or application. You combine your artistic abilities with your ability as a coder to build functional and attractive front ends that meet accessibility requirements. While the most obvious concern you face is with the appearance of your front end design, you are also expected to optimise your code to ensure it performs as well as possible.

Being primarily concerned with the user-facing aspects of an application or website, you work closely with other developers to ensure that the whole operation functions as desired. These may include UX and graphic designers but most commonly include back end developers.

Depending on the organisation you work for, you may work on a single product or service or provide front end development services for a wide range of clients. Websites and applications are essential for a wide range of industries, so there are many potential businesses for an aspiring or established front-end developer to work in.

Does the pragmatic yet artistic nature of front end development sound like something that suits your skill set? If so, read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need, as well as more information about the job itself.

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average salary of a front-end developer

A front-end developer in India earns an average of ₹6,80,500 per year, a figure that falls almost exactly in the middle of the potential pay range for this role. Entry-level front-end developers can expect to earn closer to ₹4,33,700 per year, while the highest-earning developers can earn as much as ₹8,72,789 per year. Several factors can affect your pay, however.

factors that affect front-end developer's pay

One of the more influential factors in your salary as a front-end developer is your skill level. You will need to be able to demonstrate your skill to a potential employer, often through a portfolio. Another factor is experience. While you can demonstrate your skillset relatively easily, your experience level is an added enhancement. As a result, employers usually look for a certain level of experience from their front-end developers.

Finally, the company you work for and its location will play a part, with some locations having higher salaries on average than others.

front-end developer roles
front-end developer roles

types of front-end developer

For the most part, the role of front-end developer is a single profession, and you will be expected to know your way around the different aspects of the job. Developers can specialise further within the role, and some of the more common types of front-end developers can be found here:

  • web designer: as a pure web designer, you focus on the design of the website (or application) and will not need to know a great deal of coding to fulfil this duty. You ensure that any websites you work on run smoothly on a range of platforms.
  • user interface and user experience designers: also known as UX designers, user experience and user interface designers are primarily concerned with how the front end performs for the end user. That includes things like accessibility—ensuring all users can access the site
  • mobile developer: in a world of responsive web design, the need for dedicated mobile developers is becoming less pressing. However, in the world of applications, mobile developers are perhaps the most sought after. As the name suggests, in this role you will focus on developing front ends for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.
  • wordpress developers: as a WordPress front-end developer, you specialise in the WordPress content management platform. You help your clients to create unique websites that meet their needs within the existing platform.

working as a front-end developer

As a front-end developer, you combine artistic and design skills while approaching your work pragmatically to ensure proper functionality. Below are some of the more specific tasks and responsibilities the job entails.


education and skills

Qualifications are important in getting a job as a front-end developer, but not as essential as they are for many other roles. You should aim to have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or something similar to improve your chances of being hired. You also need demonstrable skills in the appropriate areas, such as using design software and coding in the relevant languages. In front end development, you are adept at writing in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, though employers may have specific requirements regarding what certifications you should have.

skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a front-end developer include:

  • problem-solving: whether there is a conflict between the reference design and the technical possibilities or a specification your development must address, problem-solving skills are essential.
  • communication skills: as a developer with a specialism, you usually work with other specialist developers. Good communication skills ensure your ability to communicate all necessary information to your colleagues.
  • coding competency: coding is less of a hard requirement for front end development due to the languages in use being high-level and relatively straightforward. You will have demonstrable proficiency in languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

FAQs about working as a front-end developer

FAQs about working as a front-end developer:

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