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The state of Gujarat continues to enjoy a distinct position in the Indian economy. Gujarat occupies 6% of the country’s geographical area, and with 5% of the country’s population, it contributes to 16% of the total industrial output in India. Owing to its manufacturing foundation, the state has recorded an average growth of 9% GDP in the last three years along with an average growth of 15.8% in terms of industrial growth.

These macroeconomic factors look impressive with even a closer look.  Gujarat has demonstrated immense leadership in manufacturing as well as infrastructure sectors. It is also important to note that 50% of the country’s petroleum products and 45% of drugs and pharmaceuticals come from Gujarat. Additionally, the state’s contribution to the country’s overall export is 16% — which reflects a strong global orientation in terms of the industrial structure.

These factors are the indicators of the state’s robust growth story. Traditionally, the state has been able to attract a significant amount of foreign direct investment because of its strong manufacturing base. Also, fixed capital investment of the state stands at USD 18 billion – which accounts for a total of 18% total fixed investments in the country.

Its strong manufacturing sector – which accounts for 40% contribution in the state’s GDP – is made up of a diversified industrial base. The state produces everything from chemicals to textiles, food to gems, and drugs to apparel. It is quite interesting that 90% of the processed diamonds are exported from Gujarat. These statistics clearly indicate that the manufacturing sector plays a very crucial role in the growth of Gujarat’s economy and development. Additionally, the presence of the manufacturing cluster has given it a unique vibrancy in the state’s financial and economic policy.

Apart from manufacturing, Gujarat’s service sector also contributes to 42% to the state’s GDP and is responsible for a lot of job creation in the state. Owing to these factors, Gujarat has been positioned as one of the leading states of India as it becomes a strong contender for being a model state in the county.

Driven by skilled professionals, the Gujarat economic model is one to emulate, and, hence, the organizations there are always on the lookout for the best talent. Salary hike being the single most differentiating factor for organizational growth is an important part of the recruitment strategy of many firms.
Whether you are looking for jobs in Ahmedabad, Jobs in Vadodara, or Jobs in Surat, etc., Gujarat has plenty of jobs to offer skilled professionals working in various sectors and these are available at attractive compensation packages. For instance, Gujarat stands at the 8th position when it comes to the topmost salaries being given to professionals with average annual CTC recorded at INR 11.20 lac per annum. Additionally, average annual CTC recorded for junior-level professionals stands at 5.20 lac per annum, INR 9.12 lac per annum for middle-level professionals, and INR 22.95 lac per annum for senior-level professionals.

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The third largest city of Gujarat, Vadodara is a major industrial, cultural, and educational centre of western India. The economy of Vadodara heavily relies upon the following industrial sectors – cotton textile, machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemical, biotechnology, engineering, fertilizers, tobacco, fishery, glass, and dairy. Agro-based industry also makes a huge contribution to Vadodara's economy with crops such as groundnut, wheat, jowar, grams and pulses, and sugarcane being the most popularly harvested. The city also houses the Vadodara Stock Exchange (VSE).

Some of the major small and medium industries include – Opal industries, Grasim Industries Limited, Coromandel International Limited, Apar Industries Limited, Dolf Industries, Altop Industries, JK Cement Works, Gandhar Oil Refinery India Limited, Kutch Chemicals Industries, JK Tyre and Industries Limited, CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited, Kei Industries Limited, and more. You will find that the most important companies of Vadodara belong to industrial sectors such as petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering, and foreign exchange services.

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Source: Randstad India Survey

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