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Mysore (officially Mysuru) is located in the state of Karnataka in south India. It is spread over at the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, about 150 kilometers from the state capital of Bengaluru. Mysore has been a princely state for the past six centuries and strong royal patronage has transformed it into a significant cultural and economic behemoth.

Tourism and related activities are by far the greatest industry in Mysore. The city attracts nearly 3 million tourists every year, especially during the Diwali period. Mysore also has a host of traditional industries and handicraft units specializing in weaving, bronze work, sandalwood carving and salt and lime production. Some of the oldest surviving and continually operational factories in India such as the Sri Krishnarajendra Mills and the Mysore Sandalwood Oil Factory, are based out of Mysore.

Mysore has five adjacent industrial areas: Belagola, Hebbal, Belawadi, Hootagalli and Nanjangud. Together they host factories of companies such as AT&S India, Reid and Taylor, Nestle India, TVS, Jubilant, JK Tyres, Infosys, Triveni Engineering and Asian Paints. A number of multinational software companies also operate here such as Aris Global, Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Excelsoft Technologies to name a few. In addition, a vacancy in Mysore can also be found in central government bodies such as DFRL, CFTRI, BEML, CIPET, RPM, RBI Paper Printing Press and RBI Note Printing Press. 

Today, Mysore is the second largest exporter of software-related services in India. With neighboring Bengaluru at bursting point, a large number of companies and businesses have shifted base to Mysore and jobs in Mysore are increasing dramatically. 

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Mysore is a heritage city in the southern part of Karnataka, best known for the world famous Mysore palace. Tourism and allied industries, such as handicrafts, sandalwood carving, herbal products and textiles, are the biggest industry in Mysore. To help in the industrial development of the city, four industrial areas have been established in and around Mysore. Nanjangud is the biggest of the four, and is now considered a satellite city for Mysore. It houses a number of industries AT&S India, Nestle, Reid and Taylor, TVS, Jubilian, Asian Paints. A manufacturing unit of JK tyres and a large Infosys training campus is also established in Mysore. Other IT companies present in Mysore are Larson and Toubro Infotech, Triveni Engineering, Aris Global and Excelsoft Technology. Mysore is now the largest software exporter in Karnataka after Bangalore. Some food processing companies in Mysore are Maxvita Foods and Saheb Spices. There are also several travel and tourism companies, such as Devi Travels and Bharath International Travels. Some manufacturing companies in Mysore are Reckitt-Bensicker India, Plansee India High Performance Materials, Kawashima Automotive Textile India and Wurth Elektronik India to name a few.

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