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Ludhiana is northern India’s largest city, second only to the national capital of New Delhi. Once a small, primarily farming community on the banks of the Satluj River, its present avatar renders it unrecognizable when compared to its humble beginnings. Today, Ludhiana is the preeminent industrial center in north India and has been labelled "India's Manchester" owing to its innumerable factories and industrial units. Jobs in Ludhiana are highly sought-after, and this city attracts skilled labor from all over India every year. 

Ludhiana can attribute its wealth to an incredible variety of industries, which cover everything from heavy engineering to ancillary services, from immense sprawling factories to small-scale family-owned industrial units. In fact, it is these modest units that form the bedrock of the entire industrial system here. They produce goods like machine parts, industrial goods, auto parts, apparel, hosiery, garments and household appliances.  

In particular, job openings in Ludhiana can be found in its bicycle manufacturing industry, which is Asia’s largest facility. Ten million bicycles are produced in Ludhiana, so every second bicycle on an Indian road has been manufactured here. Also, Ludhiana’s industries manufacture sophisticated farming implements such as tractor parts which satisfy 60% of nationwide demand. Ludhiana also has a significant presence of multinational auto companies including luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes. Several auto parts used in these cars are manufactured here. A job vacancy in Ludhiana can be thus be easily located, across industries. 

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Ludhiana is Punjab’s largest city. It is a well-known industrial centre in North India, and has the distinction of being the best place to do business in India, according to the World Bank Group. This city is also Asia’s largest hub for bicycle manufacturing, with companies such as United Cycle Parts, Seth Industrial Corporation, and Nova Bicycle Industries. Ludhiana is also big on auto parts manufacturing, with companies like Barnala Industries, R.K Tool Udyog, Scoot Manufacturing Industries and Emkay Engineers. The chemical industry is also making inroads in Ludhiana, with companies like Rajesh Enterprises, Dhiman Udyog and Vishal Paints. IT is also making its presence felt in Ludhiana, with companies like Axis Enterprises, GN Glob IT, and SmartWebCare IT Solutions. Some food processing companies in Ludhiana are Coca Cola, Ganesh Food Industry, and Chad Bro Foods.

Ludhiana mainly attracts employees from diverse core engineering branches, with job vacancies in Ludhiana mainly concentrated in manufacturing. Randstad, with 25 years of experience, is one of India’s best placement agencies. With over 800 highly experienced placement consultants, we help you find the most desirable job openings in Ludhiana. Contact us today.

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