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Executive Assistant Jobs

An executive or administrative assistant helps a manager at top-level with correspondence, appointments, and other administrative tasks. While landing executive assistant jobs don’t require a specific skill-set, basic computer knowledge and communication skills are important. Generally, companies prefer candidates with a vast secretarial experience. The person is also expected to possess a high degree of organisational skills, as the job involves taking care of the entire schedule of the manager.

Executive assistants are more than secretaries or assistants. They are trusted with confidential and important work. The person is expected to handle incoming and outgoing communication, doing the filing and clerical work, scheduling meetings, maintaining complex filing systems and databases, preparing and reviewing documents, and overseeing other staff. To put it simply, an executive assistant is the daily operations executive for their manager.

In any professional sector, top-level managers always require competent executive assistants. And with the burden of taking highly strategic decisions and overseeing a lot of complex situations with a scarcity of time, an individual to handle basic operative work becomes important. With a rise in the number of companies in various industries, there is an increase in executive assistant job openings. With growing and attractive career prospects offered by executive assistant jobs, it is a lucrative career for aspirants.

Executive Assistant Job Openings

With new startups emerging in India and foreign companies setting up offices here, the requirement for executive assistants is on the rise. It is a good career path to pursue as aspirants are not required to possess any special skills. The number of vacancies for executive assistants is always high, and current trends point to favourable conditions for companies in the country. All of this translates to attractive and well-paying opportunities for executive assistant job seekers.

Salary trends in the country also point to favourable job prospects. In 2016-17, the national average was recorded at INR 13.23 lac per annum. A junior-level employee in Kolkata earned a CTC of INR 5.72 lac per annum while the national average was recorded at INR 5.22 lac per annum.

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