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Safety Officer Jobs

Life is full of unforeseen risks and jeopardy. At home, on road or at the workplace, accidents can occur in split seconds and bring about devastations. Reports of a growing number of accidents at the workplace, particularly the industrial sector, has led to the enactment of the Safety Act and several other Safety Rules and Regulations, which mandate the recruitment of a Safety Officer in all industrial establishments. Presence of a trained safety officer can drop the number of workplace accidents, due to negligence or faulty equipment, by as much as 50%.

The aim of Industrial Safety Management is to minimize the chances of risks, hazards, and injuries by the implementation of various preventive measures, regular supervisions, and risk assessments so as to maintain an overall safe working environment. It offers a challenging, responsible and yet, an enjoyable career opportunity in both the public and private sectors. The pivotal duty of a safety manager is to safeguard all the workers against any and all workplace hazards. This involves training the industry’s staff in safety measures, acquainting them with the dos and don’ts of workplace practices, and advising them on protective clothing and safe handling of machinery. 

Safety officer jobs in the country are naturally on the rise. With the government’s increasing emphasis on manufacturing in India, new factories and plants are opening at a breakneck pace. One can get jobs across a multitude of sectors such as manufacturing, paramilitary, construction, transportation, consulting, and aviation as well as in government. The scope of skilled personnel in safety jobs is high in manufacturing industries where dangerous chemical substances are dealt with. Industries using heavy metal devices also hire safety managers as per safety rules and guidelines.

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The importance of Safety Officers is well understood in today’s world of industrial growth and advancement, which is evidenced by an upsurge of safety officer jobs. The salary trends in the country also provide a favourable and attractive picture. In 2016-17, the recorded national average CTC was INR 13.23 lac per annum. It varied from an average CTC of INR 5.22 lac per annum for a junior worker to INR 25.94 lac per annum for a senior employee. 

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