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Finance Jobs in Bangalore

The finance department serves as the backbone of every corporation and has evolved significantly over the past few years. The industry has rapidly evolved owing to the tech revolution, higher customer expectations, and tightening regulations.

India hosts a diversified and rapidly expanding financial sector with a number of commercial banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, pension funds, mutual funds, and other financial entities. It has also received significant support from the Government of India with the introduction of several reforms to liberalise and nurture the industry. With both the government and the private sector pushing the industry, India has one of the world's most vibrant capital markets. The Indian banking system is huge with an impressive 27 public sector banks, 22 private sector banks, and 44 foreign banks. Naturally, it presents ample well-paying job opportunities across the country.

With the entire country now having access to 4G internet, the future of mobile and internet banking services has greater potential than ever. It is clear that most corporations have realized that fact and are laying a greater emphasis on providing improved online services to their clients to expand their user base while at the same time upgrading their technology infrastructure. This level of connectivity allows for the entire country to have an enhanced overall experience and gives sectors such as finance and banking banks a chance to expand further, creating more jobs.

Land Your Dream Banking Job in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore offers a plethora of attractive jobs in finance and banking. Banking jobs in Bangalore are one of the highest paid in the country with a senior investment banker making an average of INR 20.25 lac per annum in the city in 2016-17. A senior branch manager in Bangalore made INR 23.50 lac per annum while a mid-level executive made INR 12.51 lac per annum. A junior treasury executive made INR 5.73 lac per annum in the city, a mid-level professional made INR 11.78 lac per annum while a senior professional made INR 28.75 lac per annum.

Corporations are on the hunt for talented individuals who can adapt to the rapid evolution of finance jobs in Bangalore. Randstad enables you to identify the jobs best suited to your skill set, helping you gain an edge over your competition. With our vast network and an immense pool of attractive finance jobs in Bangalore, we assist you in landing a role that is made just for you.

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