A Workmonitor survey conducted by Randstad reflects blurred lines between working hours and private time in India Inc. 74% of the respondents of the survey indicated that their employers expect them to be available outside regular office hours, while 78% of the employees mentioned that they are also expected to be available by phone and email during holidays as well. 64% of both male and female respondents indicated that they do feel extremely pressured to do so, which revealed the increasing work-life balance issues in India Inc. China and India ranked well above the global average on both statements.

Moorthy K. Uppaluri, MD and CEO, Randstad India said: "Today, the way India Inc. works has undergone a paradigm shift. Going to work is all about getting work done regardless of where one is. Employers should be cognizant of this scenario where the boundaries of work and life are getting blurred and hence offer their workforce with the much needed flexibility and freedom at work to keep them motivated". 

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