Indian organisations are becoming increasingly open to adopting global hiring concepts such as having a 'flex' (flexible) workforce, sayJacques van den Broek, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Randstad Holding and the India CEO of Randstad, Moorthy K. Uppaluri. In a conversation with BT's AjitaShashidhar, Broek and Uppaluri share insights on key HR trends in India as well as around the world. Edited excerpts:

Q- What are the latest trends in hiring talent?


Our clients are faced with demand, and they are grappling with this on a day-to-day basis of how do they get the right kind of people. This started in the US and it is going through Europe and it will definitely hit India. Getting the right talent is at the top of a CEO's agenda. Earlier, it used to be an HR topic; HR was responsible for getting the right people.

We now see a trend towards growth in what we call recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). We take care of this process for our clients, so that they have the final selection of staff, they get ready available talent. This enables them to re-prioritise their own HR. If you talk about trends, there are definitely high attrition rates. It's not just about getting the right talent, but it's also got to do with keeping the right talent.

So, we tell our clients to let us help them get the right talent in, and they can concentrate on employing them, training them, and put their full attention on the people who are there in the company so that they put down their attrition rate. So, over time they improve their workforce. We are growing across the globe in this activity.

 Q-What kind of services do you offer as part of RPO?

A-Broek: You can do end-to-end RPO, so, we say, these are the kind of people we are going to hire in the next one year. They arrive at your doorstep fully screened, they have got the tools to go to work, they have got the introduction course and they hit the ground running. For some clients we only schedule interview appointments, we can give them a pre-defined, pre-screened group of people andthey do the final assessment. So, there are lots of different services.

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