As finding talent becomes increasingly difficult, corporations look at recruitment partners to come up with innovative ways to search, source, screen and hire employees.

Choosing the right RPO partner

Moorthy K Uppaluri,CEO, Randstad India

Six things to keep in mind when looking for a recruitment partner

Look for a company that is known for good corporate governance so that there’s transparencyOpt for ‘exclusive’ tie-ups so competitors don’t use the same partnersFind a company that has a track record of recruiting good sets of employees while keeping the turnaround time lowA good RPO should be able to sift through the ‘clutter’ both offline and online and promise a geographical footprint to get the right talent for your organisationA good RPO company will look at the three important fits: job, boss and company. It will be attentive to detail such as the background of the company, the job profile and the personality of the people who will have to work togetherAn RPO company should offer all four ‘flavours’ of an RPO: recruiter on demand, project RPO, process RPO and end-to-end RPO. They must approach each recruitment outsourcing opportunity differently. A good end-to-end solutions can help clients incur cost savings of 50-60 per cent.