A recent survey conducted by Randstad conducted on worklife vs private time balance states that 74% of the respondents indicate that their employers expect them to be available outside regular office hours. 78% of the employees mentioned that they are also expected to be available on phone and email during holidays. 64% of both, male and female respondents indicated that they feel pressured to do so, which clearly reveals the increasing worklife balance issues among India Inc. China and India rank well above the global average on both statements. 69% of the survey respondents state that most often, they deal with private matters during working hours. Male respondents reflected this trend a little higher (70%) than female respondents (67%).

Interestingly enough, 76% of the employees mentioned that they do not mind handling work related matters in their private time. 75% respondents from India indicated that they do this because they would like to stay involved. An almost equivalent number of male and female respondents opined the same.

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