Landing new jobs in India is exciting, no doubt. You are euphoric about successfully making it through the grueling interview process and eagerly looking forward to new opportunities. But no matter how excited you are or how seasoned a professional you might be, there’s always a period of uncertainty initially. You will need to learn and unlearn a host of different things on your own. According to a recent study, 64% of new employees feel that understanding the expectations of a new role would help them excel at their new job.

So, how can you quickly get up to speed and make a great first impression on your boss?  Start by focusing on the following building blocks to help you confidently navigate the new environment.

1. envision your role and how you fit into the team

Before you do anything, make sure you are clear about what the company expects from you, the role you are expected to play in your team, as well as your boss’s expectations. Start by asking questions. Check with your team members and your seniors for suggestions. Learn how you fit into the existing dynamic, and more importantly, how you can contribute to improve your team’s productivity. If you are uncomfortable asking questions in a group setting, approach your manager on the side.        

2. understand your responsibilities and seek out team work

Your early days at a job are critical as your employer is going to assess your job and cultural fit with the organization. There are several things you can do to showcase your competency and team player skills. First, make sure you have a firm handle on the key benchmarks and metrics set by the company with respect to your responsibilities. Ask that you be assigned to projects that require collaboration rather than stand-alone projects, at least initially. Identify in-house experts and resources who can help you hit the ground running. Finally, keep your supervisor apprised of the progress you make on your assignments to help him/her understand the value you bring to the team.

3. set clear goals and create a personal development plan

To ensure that you thrive in a new environment, your personal goals must be aligned not only with your team goals but also the company’s objectives.  Begin by aligning your goals with your KRAs and KPIs. Talk to your boss to better understand the qualitative goals that you can set for yourself. Then develop a plan to achieve them by identifying training programs and certifications to upgrade your skills. You can also attach a timeline to your goals such as three month goals, six month goals and so on, to ensure that you follow through on them.

4. strategically engage with people and establish communication channels with key team members

It’s important to associate with positive people and stay away from negative chatter. Engage strategically with your boss, team members and key influences, either during meetings or through personal conversations. Listen carefully and ask pertinent questions that can help you settle in quickly while building strong relationships with key team members.

5. enjoy your stay and try to add value

Finally, remember that unless you like your workplace, you will not be able to contribute effectively. When you start to relax and feel comfortable in your new organization, you will be better placed to add value to your role as well as your team. While you soak up as much information as possible and proactively set out your priorities, don’t forget to enjoy your new role and have the best of experience in your new organization.

Starting a new job can be a physically and emotionally draining experience. Pay attention to your health and strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance right from the start. Participating in your organization’s social events can help you get to know your colleagues personally – without the pressure of the work environment. The key to succeeding at a new job is to think strategically and act proactively during your early days.