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Randstad uses a perfect combination of tech and touch to find an ideal candidate as per your requirement. With the continuous growth of the e-commerce sector, there is an increased hiring for call centres and BPO. Contact us for top BPO recruitment solutions for your needs.

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In a world where call centres hold the key to the online reputation of an organization, it is important to build a positive image in the online world. Randstad specializes in BPO recruitment solutions so get the right candidate for your firm with our help today.

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Randstad - one of the country’s leading BPO recruitment agencies is adept at finding the right, skilled, and experienced candidate for your organization. Indian companies are experiencing an influx of candidates looking for the right profile, we have what it takes to find the most suitable candidate as per your requirements.

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Indian e-commerce space has been continuously evolving with the growth of online firms. With users moving to the online world for all their shopping requirements, having a robust workforce in the BPO helps build an online image for the organizations. For your BPO staffing needs, get the right partner for you.

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Randstad is known for its top class BPO staffing solutions. BPOs require continuous hiring on account of increased demand for experienced and skilled representatives, trainers, and managers. Build your BPO workforce with efficient BPO staffing solutions by Randstad.

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Randstad is one of India’s leading BPO recruitment agencies. Whether you are looking for staffing solutions or looking for an ideal candidate to train your team of representatives, Randstad has a talent pool to help you. Fulfil all your recruitment needs, temporary or permanent.

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Randstad understands our requirements. They know the brand and know that we are looking for knowledge consultants to talk about what we actually have as our innate power...

Praveen Rawal - Country Manager - India, Steelcase Asia Pacific

What Randstad did is to establish a regular hiring process, support us with our applicant tracking system and improved the quality of hiring. What we benefitted at the end of one year is largely on cost, on hiring efficacies and quality of candidates who come from the pipeline...

Rahul Maitra - Head HR, Merck Group (India)
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