COVID-19 has transformed the very DNA of many organizations and the way we work. To adjust to these monumental changes, your leadership sensibilities must change as well.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that leadership matters, and especially for organizations that are facing imminently fragile futures. During this tragic time, businesses have witnessed many emerging leadership traits and role re-imaginations that have made the difference between survival and shutting shop.

In a post-COVID world, it is the need of the hour for organizations to cultivate a good leadership connect and disruptive changes in leadership roles.

But what do you, as a leader, need to do? And how do you reimagine your role in the post-COVID world? Here is how you can reinterpret your responsibilities and become a more effective, versatile leader.

Manage Less, Enable More

The idea of “leaders lead and doers do” no longer holds any place in the post-pandemic work organization. Leadership connect is the need of the hour. 

Thus, leaders must involve themselves with the teams that drive innovation and sales. This involvement is necessary so that you, as a leader, can play a primary role in speeding and shaping up the journey of change.

Prioritize Communication

Many businesses were quick to realize the benefits of remote work and as a result, much of the global workforce may never go back to office. According to a PwC survey, about 54% of the CFOs implied that they might consider work-from-home to be a permanent scenario.

Many teams have found their work-from-home groove by now. But if your organization has struggled with communication or if you have brought in a new batch of recruits, you might need to set some ground communication rules before moving forward. Frequently connect with your team. Ensure that sessions are crisp since video meetings do tend to lose their efficacy with every added minute.

Become a Purpose Champion

How leaders connect with their teams is of significant importance. If a team leader fails to inspire motivation, the team’s productivity can take a downward turn. Therefore, leaders must communicate effectively and resoundingly about the purpose of the company and why employees must dedicate their efforts for its success.

Also, remember that the purpose must be authentic and disruptive enough to make your employees relate to it emotionally. That is only possible if leaders connect effectively with their teams on a daily basis. A believable enough purpose requires real commitments which are trackable, and affect your employees’ professional and personal lives.

Lead Change through Innovation

Scores of businesses are expediting their technological adoption efforts as a result of the pandemic. In most cases, organizations have turned towards artificial intelligence, utilizing the new-age technology’s prowess to amplify their workers’ efficiency, rather than replacing them.

Not convinced? According to Deloitte’s 2020 report, 60% of the survey takers indicated to be using some form of AI to complement the efforts of their teams, rather than completely replacing them.

Thanks to rapid technological transformation, leaders may soon be leading “Bionic” teams, i.e. where employees work alongside AI to achieve high productivity and quality work. This novel symbiotic work relationship with technology dictates that leaders connect with their teams and help them upskill or reskill on new technologies.

As a leader, you, too, must acquire the skillset to lead these ‘Bionic’ teams. Such a feat requires that leaders connect with their team members, individually evaluate each worker’s skills, and lead a group capable of surviving the workplace of tomorrow.

Parting Thoughts

Crises are always harbingers of change, new behaviors, and improvements. Leaders that approach this post-pandemic era with an eye towards developing new habits and attitudes will not only be prepared for a new future but also will be able to effectively navigate the after-effects of the pandemic.

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

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