Working with an HR partner can offer a wealth of great benefits, including improved hiring outcomes, increased retention rates and enhanced employee engagement. 

To help you better understand our Randstad Inhouse Services and benefits, we have compiled a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


what do onsite or randstad inhouse services mean?

Our Randstad Inhouse Services are ideal for employers with larger workforces (50+ flex workers). We use a VoP (Vendor on Premise) model, which means that you’ll have access to a dedicated onsite consultant who works right at your location.

Our consultant can handle many of the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a contingent workforce, including recruitment, training, continuous workforce communications and shift planning. Since we understand that no two manufacturing companies are the same and that each client has its own unique set of needs and goals, we offer completely customizable HR solutions. This factor gives your company the freedom to determine exactly which HR tasks you want Randstad to handle and what duties you want to keep inhouse.

what positions do you staff for?

We have decades of experience filling open positions at all levels within the manufacturing industry, such as:

  • general laborers (pickers, loaders, assembly workers, material handlers)
  • skilled workers (certified forklift drivers, CAD designers, electricians, machine mechanics)
  • professional roles (plant managers, IT technicians, manufacturing engineers, cost estimators)

This is just a small sampling of the manufacturing roles our teams fill every year. Contact Randstad directly to find out how our hiring solutions can help your company hire for even those hard-to-fill roles.

what makes randstad inhouse services different?

Our Randstad Inhouse Services are different because we don’t just offer access to an HR consultant – we place an HR account specialist right onsite day-in and day-out. This gives you instant access to an HR partner who can immediately answer questions, address concerns and tackle any workforce problems that arise throughout the day.

Other factors that differentiate Randstad include:

  • 100% fulfillment of shifts

Our innovative hiring strategies allow manufacturers to scale up their workforce when the demand increases and scale down when demands are lower.

  • customized solutions

Our HR services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your company and can be shifted and changed as the demands of your business fluctuate.

  • cost savings and continued improvements

Our Randstad Inhouse Services can help employers realize a cost savings of 2-3% of the total workforce spend.

how do you measure results?

Your success is our success — so we measure outcomes based on your terms. As an HR partner, we always take the time to fully understand your company’s hiring goals and objectives right from the start. This step not only allows us to develop effective recruitment strategies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your company, but it also ensures that we focus on meaningful outcomes for your business.

We also make transparency a top priority by offering frequent reporting. In fact, we use continuous metric-based reporting for the most vital KPIs, such as fulfillment, attendance and turnover.

how do you find qualified talent?

We take a human forward approach to recruitment, meaning that we combine the power of our advanced HR technology with our in-depth human insights to develop customized recruitment strategies that are ideal for each client.

We start by taking the time to understand your company’s unique hiring needs and goals along with its workplace culture. Once we identify what your target candidate looks like, we’ll search our vast network of qualified, prescreened talent to find potential candidates that are a good fit for your workplace.

If we are unable to find qualified candidates within our talent network, we will use our advanced labor insights and recruitment tools and strategies to determine which marketing tools are best to use. 

what is the cost of your services?

Since Randstad offers customized HR solutions that allow each client to determine exactly what tasks they want our team to handle and which duties they want to maintain inhouse, it can be difficult to calculate exact pricing. However, we can highlight the fact that our pricing consists of three main components, including:

  • labor costs (determined by the number of contingent workers needed and salary rates)
  • direct services (direct HR services, such as recruitment, onboarding and training)
  • cost savings (savings your company achieves, such as lower turnover and increase production, through our innovative solutions)

i already work with other agencies, why should i put all my eggs in one basket?

The phrase “more is better” is not necessarily true when it comes to recruitment. In fact, having too many hands in the basket can be quite difficult to manage, costly and confusing for your team and candidates. Fortunately, Randstad offers end-to-end recruitment and workforce management solutions that help to streamline the recruitment process, not make it more cumbersome.

With our Randstad Inhouse Services, your company will work with one primary contact person, who works day-in and day-out right at your location. The combination of our innovative services and advanced HR technology can improve HR outcomes across the board, even when managing challenging workforces, such as temporary workers.

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